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Bassline Syndicate USA Interview

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Sunday December 4th 2016



In this month’s artist spotlight, we are happy to present to you Missrepresent.

From working with world touring acts to being a regular host on Kool London then winning 2016’s “Best Female Artist” National Drum N Bass Award and 2015's "Best Female DJ" We Love Jungle Award, she has become an unstoppable force in the worldwide scene.

This is evident in the current Christmas giveaway tune, “Party Rockin’!” Party Rockin’ featured that organic bassline which drew most of us into the dark Jungle room. With a strong raga jungle and jazz influence, this is a tune that is not only easily relatable to every crowd, but is guaranteed to get the entire dancefloor moving.



Interview: 1. How did you come up with the name ""Missrepresent?

I was 19/20 at the time, over 15 years ago now and I remember looking for DJ names that sounded "cool." I quite liked DJ Pepsi at the time, but friends always called me Missy, and a few others went through the dictionary looking for miss names. A lot had already been taken so Missrepresent seemed a good choice! Obviously I'm married now but the name is what it is :)

2. What got you into Drum N Bass/Jungle?

I grew up listening to all kinds of music. I played brass instruments as a kid, we traveled and did a lot of competitions. I was really into pop music. Around 14 I was listening to the Prodigy, and because I was running away from foster homes, always around older teenagers, I was listening to hardcore and started going to raves quite young. I stumbled into the jungle rooms one day at Helter Skelter or Slamming Vinyl at the Sanctuary (RIP) and I remember being this skinny little white girl surrounded by an older black crowd grinding and winding to rolling basslines. I was fascinated and loved it. I always remember how unifying the music was, it didn't matter everyone was just there for the music and I've loved those big warm analogue jungle basslines ever since.

3. What is your biggest inspiration for producing and deejaying?

I just want to play good music and make people dance. Life is shit at times and it's just a good escape.

4. Where do you see your music going?

I've done a lot more than I've ever dreamed of with my music. I've had tracks on some of my favourite labels such as Formation, Viper and releases on video games. I guess I just want to continue to see my music being enjoyed. I don't care what platform it's played on as long as people enjoy it.

5. What has helped you get to where you are today?

I think sheer determination. When people tell you that you can't do something, it's made me want to prove people wrong. I've had people support and help me and that I am grateful for, but I have definitely been the maker of my own success and that's rewarding.

6. What tips could you give to other producers out there?

Don't just put your music out without having people check it over first. If you're settling for any old label, ask yourselves why you can't get signed to a bigger label. In my opinion, some of the bigger labels have more quality control, so if you're just churning out music, try and improve it. In regards to music production, mix downs are really important. Get to grips with spectrum analyzers and eq frequencies, what kicks should be hitting at and what snares should be hitting at too. Also, use a multimeter. Seperation is also key to loud mixdowns. This is why jump up sounds loud and clear because it's quite simple. The more you add to a mix, the more skill you need to mix it down. If you get stuck always ask for help, there is a thousand producers out there that can help, and if you get stuck hit me up, I'm always up for helping.

7. Where do you see the world of DeeJaying today vs. a decade ago?

Well 10 years ago I was on vinyl! Holding a mix! Today you just press buttons, everything can be set to 174 or 175 playlists and really it's easy to mix. I am a bit miffed at the over excitement of people towards these new up and coming "CDJ" DJs who nob twiddle when they aren't actually doing anything. Touching the mixer like it's a hot cake and letting go really quick, flying their hands in the air like a magician. They are actually magically entertaining the crowd. I do actually laugh it's hilarious.

8. What is your opinion on the current state of the worldwide Drum N Bass/Jungle scene?

It's great. It's healthy. There is loads of nights, worldwide. Producers, DJs and ravers loving the scene and I'm proud to be part of such a healthy family.

9. Which equipment and/or software do you use to produce?

I am currently on Cubase and I dabble in Logic occasionally. I prefer my PC at the moment it runs quick. I use the Tuner for sample selection so I can identify what works when I start a project. I love the Ohmboyz VSTs. I am currently collaborating on a tech / neurofunk vibe and have been getting to grips with Slate Digital plug ins and Logic more thanks to them showing me a lot! On my radio interviews I always limit and compress, add a bit of reverb on the vocals so it bring things to life. Other than that, normal synths, massive, serum and I love FM8 and Predator.

10. Where will you be performing next?

Swindon on December the 30th, which will be great fun I love Swindon. New Years Eve I am at Innovation and Warning for Northampton and then down to London Fire for Innovation and Devotion and Epidemik there. Next year I'm certainly back at Random Concept's Summer Gathering and Party In The Pines up near Scunthorpe. Big shout out to Casper there for getting me up yearly, I've made a good as well friend there!

11. What has been your greatest musical achievement? Why?

Probably getting our tracks out on EA Games "Need For Speed."

12. What is the biggest mistake you see other producers/DeeJays make?

I don't really see mistakes as a bad thing, I've made many mistakes myself. As long as you're humble and learn from things it doesn't really matter. The music scene we work in is very forgiving.

13. "Back On It" dropped on Beatport back in January of this year. The tune has come into regular rotation on every DJ's playlist. When can we expect more releases to drop?

I've just had my Spice Remix out on Vengeance recordings, that was November. I have just put a free download up on Soundcloud with quite an old sounding bassline and riff but that's the vibe I wanted to capture and the bassline is really warm and I love that. I'm currently working on 2 tracks with Exception, we have a label interested and I'm hoping that's tied up by Christmas as we are on about version 9 haha. We are just trying to perfect the mixdowns. Other than that, I've got a couple of other tracks I've started but with a 9 month old baby, studio time is like gold dust at the moment, I get in there when I can. I've been asked to do a DNBHQ Christmas podcast this weekend, so that's my task and I've just done an Odyssey Rec's label mix.... so hopefully over Christmas I can start a couple of new tracks!

14. Any shouts and thanks?

Just a big thanks out to everyone who's supported me over the last 15 years and record labels who have helped and signed my music. Shouts out to the guys who help me with my music production. Brendan (Futurebound) at Viper Recordings, SS who has let us remix his music.. DJ Rap who always has been an inspiration and for letting us remix Spiritual Aura, Modified Motion, Phantasy, SS. Macky Gee. Harry Shotta, Ragga Twins, Digital, Garry K and the Random Concept family, Grant Epidemik, Llloyd and the Inno crew, Logan D, Break, Stretch and Charlotte Devaney and of course J Swif over at DNBHQ! Big love out to Pascal for distributing my label and being such good support, Eastman for having me on Kool and all the Kool London family... and lastly... my agent Chris at UA Agency!

Thanks to everyone at Bassline Syndicate for getting me involved.. you're doing great things. Most of all thanks to everyone who voted for me in the 2015 and 2016 awards, and everyone who follows me on the socials. See you all in 2017!!