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Deeper Vision Recordings Interview

Full Interview Here (April 2017)

We got to sit down with Miss Represent on Deeper Vision Recordings 5th Anniversary on 420 April 20th 2017 and speak about her influences, philosophy, and most recent happenings in music. She also did a wicked mix of Deeper Visions catalogue you can check out on Soundcloud.


1) Who inspired you to start DJing?

16 years ago I was going to a lot of raves and free parties. The house parties were usually pretty hectic too but the lads never used to let me touch their turntables, so it just made sense to get my own. A couple of local lads gave me some lessons but I cracked on and within 6 months was invited to play on pirate radio in Gloucester and my first proper gig was alongside Micky Finn in Stroud. I was doing a few gigs at the Brunswick and was soon out of Gloucester playing in London.

2) What's your favourite place to DJ?

Party In The Pines at the moment. It's going to be my 3rd year this summer at the festival and it's really a great day out. Club wise I love playing at Fire in London. All the rooms, Lightbox, main room, second room just vibes. Radio, I used to love going down to Radio Cardiff but right now I reside on Kool London.

3) What are your greatest musical influences?

I grew up playing in brass bands and listening to classical music and was never really into Take That or boy bands as most girls were. I started out at 14 with The Prodigy, listening to tapes and my love for rave and underground music progressed to happy hardcore. When I was 16 I moved into my own bedsit from leaving foster care and had a lot of older friends while still attending school in school uniform and trying to do my GCSE's, and I remember going down the weir in Tewkesbury blasting Dougal and Hixxy tapes in the sun. The Sanctuary in Milton Keynes was a favourite haunt and there I wandered into the jungle rooms, full of black people swaying to deep analouge basslines. I remember being this skinny little white girl bouncing around but was just accepted and back then, when I felt so isolated from a lack of family the music made me feel like I had a family. From there I loved raving and went to Garage Nation in Brunels and then other dnb events and it just progressed from there. Music's always been the consistent thing in my life that's kept my head above water when I've felt like drowning.

4) Where do you see the future of drum & bass going?

That's a good question and I wish I had a crystal ball but I think it will continue to grow worldwide as it always has! It's such a healthy vibrant scene at the moment with so many talented people in, it's great to be a part of.

5) Do you have any new musical projects (production/remixes) in the Pipeline?

I've just finished a jungle/dnb track (I use the term jungle loosely as it's quite a subjective subject atm) and I have 3 colabs just finished which will be out on my label June / July time. I have a couple of other jungle tracks in the pipeline which i'm talking to Cutty Ranks about at the moment, so fingers crossed I can nail that for the summer.

6) So you're working over at now?

Yes the website launched in 2017 with the help of Barry building the site which is really streamlined. I was doing some work over at dnbmuzik which wasn't owned by me and it's a lot of day to day work, so took the decision to set up a website where I could update the website. I havea brilliant team under me at the moment who are having thier eyes opened to the world of jungle and dnb promo and marketing!

7) What does your tour schedule look like for 2017?

I've actually had to turn down a heap of bookings for September onward European wise. Banana Bass I headlined at the launch night last year in Germany and it sold out, they wanted me back this year but I won't be able to fly due to this second pregnancy. I'll be back again after November! I have a few gigs - Party In The Pines Scunthorpe, Summer Gathering Doncaster, DNHQ Work London with a live DJ Mag stream and at the end of next month I'm headlining down in Cornwall for Inspiration which I'm really looking forward to as I have a few friends down those ends which it will be great to catch up with.

8) Congratulations on the pregnancy! How is balancing motherhood with DJing, producing, your label, radio and the new JDNB website?

Tough at times! My 14 month old is a sweetie but she is also very demanding and I attend about 5 playgroups a week just so she sleeps at night! I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum in my first pregnancy which is extreme nausea and sickness. It's a pregnancy related sickness. Some days I can't move from the sofa, which is difficult with a toddler, but I have to cope for her. In 2015 I remember coming out of hospital and looking and feeling horrendous to go to the "We Love Jungle Awards" where I'd won best female DJ. I look at the photo now and wish I hadn't gone. My face was all puffy from the meds and my whole body swelled up. I went from 10 stone to 15 stone 8 from being stationary in bed most of the time. I put a brave face on and remember coming out of the club practically collapsing in the car.

Thankfully I'm getting morning sickness but it's a bit more manageable this time. I'm hoping not to have the same weight gain but if I do I know i'll lose it again. I have had a run of 3 or 4 days last week where I've been out of action but it's nothing compared to last time.

9) You're on one of the biggest agencies UA now - how did that come about?

Chris Brown hit me up one day and I was like wow, yes thank you! He used to run United Dance in the mid 90's and really has a lot of experience. I'm presently trying to balance turning down bookings with not having a quiet gig diary, as said above.

I've taken a bit of time out before and bounced back so I'm not really desperate to keep my name out there on flyers as some may do, I'm still doing an awful lot of label mixes, I'm honoured to do label mixes, really thank you, it means people really trust you with thier music and the one I've just done for your lovely selves so thank you for asking me! I do a lot of radio and production which is equally as fun as DJing out to me.

I get about 4 people a week asking for jingles - the websites, my own label... it's not like I don't have enough things to do. My agent keeps me in check, I always run things by him and hes a great source of advice and inspiration, so thank you Chris.

10) Talking about your own label - you run Sliced Note Recordings, how is that going?

Really well at the moment - we just had a great review in DJ mag and we have scheduled releases lined up until September.

I can't thank the DJs and artists who support the label enough recently it's been great. Check it out at

Many thanks for the interview, your label is awesome I really loved doing the mix and all the best for 2017 and beyond!!