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2015 Concord Dawn

We have dropped in on Matt Harvey, Concord Dawn, the man behind Uprising Records ahead of the release of his new Gumshoe EP. Like a true detective Concord Dawn investigates some worrying low-end and crisp, killer breaks in his latest drum & bass whodunit. You won't find any poison pills or complex plot twists here though, this is an open and shut case where the victim is battered to their last breath with rumbling, pummeling bassline action.

Drawing on classic Virus vibes, the 'Gumshoe' EP may just be Concord Dawn's heaviest for some time. From the minimalist roller 'Colourless' to the techno-infused title track it's a rollercoaster ride through paranoid synths, heart-stopping atmospheres and murderous attitude.    

Thanks for taking the time out, to talk to us at DNB Muzik.

I'm sure a lot of our readers haven't been to Auckland, New Zealand. Is it a bit like the green rolling hills of Lord Of The Rings, or is it a bit more urban in places?

Out in the countryside its green and rolling but the city is a fairly typical urban conglomeration of suburbs, inner city apartments and big glass corporate penises.  

You are based in Vienna now?

Yes since 9 years now. It’s a pretty chill town to call home and consistently is voted one of the world’s best cities to live in. It’s in the middle of Europe and they have a good understanding of how to make beer, bread and sausages.  

I've personally been a huge fan since 2003 and Morning Light. Was that your favourite track on the Uprising Album?

That would be like naming a favourite child!! And I wouldn’t want the others to get jealous.  

I read on your Facebook that Evan left the duo because he just didn't want to do it anymore. Do you find it lonelier in the studio on your own, or more motivating?

It’s a different energy and one that took me a while to get used to I will admit. But now I love it. Though recently I have done about a dozen collaborations with Need For Mirrors and that’s a different energy again.  

Coffee in the studio? Do you have a special blend you prefer?

I gave up for a while last year, which was harder than giving up cigarettes actually!! But now back on it. I make mine in a Bialetti first thing, before I check emails or anything.  

I know you stick to music from the heart and soul rather than current trends and massive presets. Can you elaborate for our readers why you think music that can be played in 10 years time is so important?

A lot of current music seems very temporary to me, very based on trends and therefore with a short lifespan. Im always glad to hear people ask for older tunes as it shows they have stood the test of time. But there are always new ones to play too. It’s difficult to find a balance but I try and play a bit of both.  

You were on Cubase 5, have you changed DAW?

I’m on Studio One for the last year or so. I love it and can’t see myself going back to Cubase. It’s so much more streamlined and its one less dongle to carry with me on the road.    

You don’t run a mixing desk but run 24 channels of outboard and compression with analog synths. Can I ask which ones?

Synths are a SCI Pro One, Korg Ms 20, Roland MKS 80, Juno 106 and SH 101 EQs are a Great River MAQ, Chandler Tone Controls, Chandler Little Devil EQs, Moog PEQ, Avedis E27s Compressors are a Shadow Hills Vandergraph, Shadow Hills Optograph, UBK Fatso, Chandler Devil Compressor. Pres are Chandler Devil pres and Purple Biz mk2s All run in and out with SSL Alphalink and a Cranesong HEDD off a RME Raydat via a Dangerous Source. Also got a few UAD cards. And a bunch of pedals…..    

If I gave you £1000 to spend on your studio, what new toys would you buy?

There’s not much in that price range that interests me at this point. And I have been making better music since I stopped buying gear and just use what I have!! I just bought the new Korg SQ1 sequencer to go with my Kenton Midi/CV box. If I had to buy something I would probably get a Strymon timeline and a Crybaby. The couple of things I would really like at this point are expensive, rare, and a pain to maintain and repair. When I move back to New Zealand and have some more space I would like to get some decent microphones and a piano.  

You have just been asked to remix the 2 artists who have influenced you the most musically over the last year. Can you tell us who that is?

They aren’t drum and bass artists. When the remix is finished, approved and scheduled for release I will let you know!! I did find it interesting that nearly all the replies thought it would be dnb artists and I guess that shows how inward looking dance music is getting.  

Gumshoe has some really energetic stabs and a typically clean techy sound from you. Where did the name Gumshoe come from?

It’s kind of the sound a SH 101 makes, rubbery and squishy.  

Zipper Ripper is my favourite track with great energy and drum work. You use space to create impact. The track switches up a lot as well, with beautifully structured basslines. Did it take long to produce?

That one came together pretty quickly actually. As always, agonising over the mix down took a while but the writing was one in under a day.  

There's a collab on the EP with Need For Mirrors called Reverse. How did that come about?

We have been doing quite a bit of stuff lately. It began as a break and a loop on the MS 20 going through a guitar pedal and then went backwards and forwards between us until it was done. Most of the tracks we do either work quickly and come together fairly painlessly or just die a quick and painless death. He is one of the hardest working men in showbusiness though and it’s been fantastic doing stuff together.  

You have played all over the world. Which country is your favourite?

Whichever one my girlfriend is in!!  

What shows have you got coming up for summer 2015 that you are looking forward to?

I’ll be having a fairly quiet summer hopefully as I am having a baby in June. Will have to do some gigs to pay the bills but will hopefully be home as much as possible  

Any new projects in the pipeline that you could give us the heads up for?

My first house release under the name “Coldwater” is out on April 13 on Food Music, Shadow Child and Kry Wolf’s label. I have most of a trip hop LP floating about as well but not sure where that will end up. There are a few more releases with Need For Mirrors pencilled in for this year, including a few on labels that might surprise a few people.

  Thanks for taking the time out. Any shouts or thanks

No problem thanks man. I’m not one to shout though!

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