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Symmetry Festival 2016

Symmetry Festival 10th – 12th June 2016.

Surrounded by lakes and woodland, Symmetry Festival has been going from strength to strength over the last few years, and expanding at a rate due to it’s creative background and great music stages. We stop by to speak to the team to find out about it and how dnb fits into it’s ever expanding line ups.


Thanks for taking the time out guys!

Since starting in 2013, can you explain to people who have never attended what the festival genres’s are, and what they can find if they buy a ticket?
Symmetry festival is a multi genres music, arts and performance full weekend camping festival. We are mainly dance orientated as we love all types of dnb, jungle, techno, old skool and breaks to name a few but we do put a lot of effort into catering for everyone from punk right through to reggae and hip hop.

You started off in Peterborough and have moved now to Norfolk Sennowe Park. Is it a bigger plot due to the festival expansion? 
We started our journey at the venue in Peterborough for one year but had always been looking for a country estate to hold the event in. Amazingly we stumbled across Sennowe Park in Norfolk and fell in love with the possibilities of holding the festival, and in time the venue was our new home for the future of the festival. Luckily for us the park is big enough for what we do, and has let us grow into it as it a big venue and has the possibilities for us to keep expanding.

Running festivals is about building a rapport with landowners and local authorities. Can you expand on that for us?
We have built up a nice relationship with the land owners which has taken a few years as the estate is made up of around 12 people. The hall owners are very nice down to earth people and it’s amazing that they and a lot of the local people are behind the event and support the festival.


Your success has mainly been due to word of mouth, so what numbers do you expect this year and what numbers would you like to build it up to?
Yes word of mouth has built up the festival which is really nice as it creates good atmospheres onsite. With the sell out event of 2015 we aim for 4000 attendees for 2016. We always vouched to keep it a small festival to keep it’s good vibes but only time will tell if keep pushing the boundaries and let it grow.

How many of you run the festival?
Our Core team is made up of 6 people all working side by side at different levels. We have known each other for years and been organizing events, parties and club nights for over 10 years. Its taken the last four years to really build the team and make it work but things are becoming much more productive now everyone has their roles. Luckily we have some amazing friends as well as we could not do this event with out our core build crew as the decor is almost built 364 days an year in our warehouse.

Talking about the decor, you go to great legths to create some fantastic art. Can you tell us what inspires you? 
I suppose inspiration is all around us and it’s just using your imagination to create what you want to. We are lucky to have a multi skilled team with some really good ideas. It even comes down to the mad idea of the stage names like the Powerstation which is built like a life like powerstation with chimney’s that work. Clockwork stage also has a very unique style with it outdoor structure that stands over the crowd and a lot of mechanical type décor.

symmetry decor

How many tents / stages are there this year?
Symmetry festival has 6 stages at this years event along side the numerous late night venues and little quirky areas. The festival was mainly dance orientated at the beginning but we have really tried to push into other aspects of music and arts. Clockwork is our main stage and still keep the raw ingredients to the festival showcasing some or the finest drum and bass, techno and generally anything party oriented.

Your main stage has and always features some pretty hefty drum and bass artists. How important is commercial and underground music to the festival?
We have stemmed from the underground scene so this is very important to us to keep the up and coming acts playing at our event, but at the the same time our inspiration has come from the commercial side of things so we make sure our headline acts are strong bookings with some very recognized names. As we all know most of the people that have made it to the top of there game will have all stemmed from the underground scene in one way or another.

Do you ever book MC’s?
We do book Mc’s mainly in the dnband hip hop world as most acts seem to have an Mc that comes with them. The Mc’s always get the crowds going which is wicked and gives the act a bit of a live feeling which is good and add to the vibes.

What sound systems do you bring in and what times to what days does the festival run to?
We have been part of the sound system world for the last 10 years so have a real passion for good quality sound. We run our Martin Audio sound system on Clockwork stage and draft in Funktion one for the other main stages.
We are very lucky with our venue being so deep in woodlands and kind of in a bowl. This gives us really good sound limits and lets us have four stages run till 4 am and a venue or two that runs 24 hours through the festival.


What attractions do you have this year?
Along side the main stages, a great selection of the finest festival foods and the mini venues expect some mind blowing art installation’s from scrap metal Robots breathing fire to a full sized train station as the main entrance crossing old country western with 21st century. The mini venue’s around site pick up after the main stages close of which a few are 24 hour venues and range from funk and soul at The Balcony to open mic and decks in the Ti-pi’s. We have a 24 hour car wash where you the public gets washed and a couple of fair ground rides including a Ferris wheel to enjoy the venue and its surroundings. You will be entertained from the moment you enter our world of Symmetry.

Who are your confirmed headline acts?
The line is still being added to and spread across an array of genres’s but hear goes to name a few. Ed Rush and Optical ft Ryme Tyme, Dub Phizixs ft Strategy , General Levy, LTJ Bookem, Nicky Blackmarket, Mind Vortex, Missrepresent, Dillinja, DJ Producer, YT ft Ashanti’s yard, Chopstick Dub Plate, Dub Smugglers, Symphonics, Jiser…. this is to name a few. We have just confirmed the one and only Goldie Lookin Chain which is going to be an amazing show on the Sunday.

What are the camping facilities as you have luxury camping?!
Symmetry festival has a range of ways to stay on site and enjoy the festival. You can bring your own camper van or caravan, stay in one of our Luxury fully furnished Yurts or bell tents or just go for it and enjoy a weekend in your tent what ever suits you. We have shower facilitates for all the public, lockers available for hire for those personal items you don’t want to loose and clean toilets through out the festival.

symmetry camp

Where can we purchase tickets?
Tickets are available from a few outlets Our website and our facebook page are the main online outlets along with two shops Sound-clash records in Norwich and Access all areas in Camden – London.

Are you running any ticket competitions?
We are always running competitions for ticket give away’s and even a Luxury yurt accommodation which will be getting given away. Please keep an eye open for the latest competitions on our Facebook page or website.

Thanks for your time and DNB Muzik will see you in June!

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