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Mc Shortston 2015

DNB Muzik Interview Here

We take a look next at MC Shortston, his career so far, what he likes to do in his spare time, taking his phone in the shower, being a Dad and his journey over the last 10 years!

Going back to when it all started for you, can you tell us what music influenced you growing up and how dnb has shaped you now?

As for most people with a Caribbean background my influences started way back when I was little listening to them old time reggae tunes while mum was either cleaning the house or cooking, or my older brother would be kicking out some sort of sound system tape where we would learn to cuss bad words, or even recite a couple of the sound man's lyrics.. Eventually as I got older hardcore jungle come along and all those old ragga and rare groove tunes were being sampled, plus with it being so fast is was modern.. So this is where I found my home musically..


Can you tell us where the name Shortston came from?

It came more out of an Era than anything else. Those days everyone wanted to be the Don or gargon or speng or a ston..  I was always a short yout so one of my friend dubbed me Shortston.. Kinda meaning short Don.. It stuck from there..


You are an original member and one of the founders of the New Breed Crew. Can you tell the people who don't know when that started, who with and how it's expanded now?

New breed started in the late nineties as a way for us to breakthrough the ranks.. Those days there was no opportunities like mc competitions and such.. Originally there was Eksman, Herbzie, Fatman, Foxy, Kasha and myself as the MC's. We had Reckless and Dazzler as our Djs..

Now days the line up looks a little different.. Evil b stepped in to make a great addition to the crew.. Kasha moved on to do UK hip hop and the Djs are now Logan D and Majistrate.


What's the plans for New Breed over the next few months?

For the past couple of years I haven't been as active musically as I would like, because I now run my own Locksmith business.  It maybe a better idea that someone else from the crew answer that question.


Who inspires you?

Growing up I would say Stevie Hyper.. Pre adult I would say Eksman... As an adult I listen to do much different music now.. So I would say someone like Immortal Technique..


You have played some massive gigs over the years, which one is the most memorable? 

One of my favorite bookings was in Poland - Cube Club. We did a nah blood live P.A, the crowd was electric and there was pyrotechnics going off and everything. Shit was mad.


You have performed all across Europe. Which country in Europe is your favourite?

I'm kinda feeling Croatia. The people are mad friendly and bend over backwards to help you. They season their food quite nicely so near enough everything I ate was delicious..  Big up croatia..



And, you have crossed the pond to our USA ravers. How do you find the scene compared to the UK? 

We performed at several parties in Phillidelphia for a crew called Just Plain Positive (big up Puffy). Because this was about 10 years ago the parties were smaller than UK ones just due to dnb being more popular now..  One thing I still remember to this day is seeing people breakdancing to 180 bpm, it was crazy to watch.


You are the owner of the successful promotion brand "Battle of the MC's." Can you tell the readers about that?

I bought BOTMC when it was about 3 years old.. From. That time we had successful parties in venues such as the Coronet, The Renaissance Rooms in Vauxhall and the garage in Highbury and Islington..  Due to the size of the boxing ring, these parties can only work on big stages. Venues like old theaters work best..  But sadly most of our venues are closing down.. So it's getting harder and harder to find a suitable venue.. As soon as I do..  you can bet we'll have another.


You have a stack of dnb videos with Nah Blood with Eksman and Herbzie, how do you think digital media has influenced the MC culture in the recent years?

Digital media has been crazy important to the progression and development of artists.  You suddenly put yourself on a different platform. You're not just on a stage, you are now on many different media platforms such as people's TVs, laptops and phones.. Way more people can access your music. Plus they can rewind it and slow it down so they really know what ur saying. That means a lot of guys had to up their game.. And it seems the future will only offer more of this.


We Smoke Weed -  with Fatman and D Dappa Mc showcases you and your fast MC style. Where do you write your lyrics?  Inspiration comes at any times..  Mostly at inopportune moments.. Like when I'm trying to get to sleep.. Or in the shower trying to not get my phone wet from typing..


What advice can you give to up and coming MCs?

If you're just in it for the fame and fortune you might be in the wrong business.. because this job takes dedication and a whole heap of reinvestment in yourself.. Keep persevering because you never know when you're gonna crack it..


What are you life goals?

Being the best Dad I can be.. Providing for my family.. Anything else after that is a bonus.


What do you like to do to relax?

Go on big holidays either with the missus and kids, or the lads for a week or 2.


What you drinking from the bar if I see you?

Standardly a Brandy and lemonade..


Festivals or Clubs?

Use to be clubs..  Now days I think festivals might be taking over.. Plus they seem to have a bigger and better vibe overall.


Shouts and thanks?

To all my Family and true friends.. New Breed..  And all the dnb promoters.