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Ozma Interview

Anton Ozma is an exclusive artist of the British label Multifunction Music. He has releases on vinyl and in digital format. The geography of his performances go far beyond the borders of Russia. Anton has played in different cities of Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Spain. 

He has participated in festivals like Sonne Mond Storne, the Springtime Festival, Pirate Station and The World of Drum and Bass. 

In his sets he does not limit himself to one musical style and he is evident in giving the audience a performance with huge amounts of exclusive music.

Q. Thanks for taking the time out to get back to me! How is Russia right now is it cold?
A. Hi! It's not so cold in Russia now, I mean in the place I live - in Saint Petersburg. It's nearly 2 degrees below zero. For example in December it was about minus 25.

Q. Did you have a good Christmas and New Year?
A. Yes, It was great - we started celebrating at home with my girlfriend and then we went to the Cozy club met our friends.

Q. Can you go back to when you were a kid and what music you listened to?
A. I adored Rammstein! I listened a lot of different music, except hip-hop. Also I was fond of the great Prodigy, but who didn't listen them 15 years ago?

Q. What artists were inspirational to you growing up?
A. I can't say, that there are someone, who inspire me to write music, but there are several people who influenced to me. First is Aphrodite - a man, thanks to whom I started to listen to DnB, and Hazard - a man, thanks to whom I started trying to write Nu Jump Up.

Q. You had an album when you were 18 years old on big Russian label called Pirate station. How did that come about?
A. It was crazy time, everything was going so fast, I was very young and wanted all at once. And I did it! I had a lot of demo, which I sent to DJ ART, who was Radio Record resident. And at one day, he offered me to release my own album, what we did. It was on CD and digital format.

Q. Phantoma is a huge track.... how long did it take to produce and what support have you received from it?
A. The creation of this track was the crucial moment in my career, it opened me many ways to development. I remember writing process - you could make the post at dnb forum and taking feedback. It was the Russian version of dnbarena. I never forget how many comments and positive feedback were caused by this track. Then Fatman D noticed this track and offered to release it on Biological Beats on vinyl and digital format.

Q. Sub Zero has gone on to remix Phantoma... you must of been pleased?
A. Of course I was very pleased. Nowadays many Russian producers cooperate with guys from England, Europe, etc, but that time not many people could bragged by remix of someone like Sub Zero. I'm very thankful Jake for this remix. By the way, his remix was on the top in musical stores.

Q. Chicken Boy - this has received over 45,000 views now! A fun tune... what inspired you to make it?
A. Everyone remembered this tune because of funny phrase before the drop: Chicken Boy, Chicken boy, it sounds very amusing. I sampled this words and made the humorous melody and funny groove. And now u can hear the result. This track I could named the successful one, and the most knowable in Russia.

Q. Not a lot of DJs get to experience playing in Europe but you have managed to cross the border and play out a lot... why do you think that is?
A. It is what I will remember and proud of. It is an incredible feeling. I remember my first tour in Belgium - there were a lot of people, it was amazing! And next time I was there on the Springtime Festival. It was 6 years ago.

Q. You make a lot of bootlegs... and you love making them.... which ones are your favourites?
A. I liked to make remixes since I was very young. It is very cool, when an any song can be sound in dnb-rhythm. It is the great dancefloor-control lever!) Now almost everyone making bootlegs, but quality is often suffer. It's everyone's own business, as for me, I always try to everything will be perfect in my works.

Top-3 of my fav bootlegs:
Oliver Heldens - Melody (Ozma bootleg)
The original is adorable! I was at work and heard in on FM. The first demo was ready through two days and soon I made the whole track.
Mr.Oizo - Flat Beat (Ozma bootleg)
How can it be possible? For so long time no one did dnb-remix or bootleg? An original is legendary! The good friend of mine, Lowriderz, offered me in jest to make the bootleg on this track and I made it, and it was good)
Nero - Guilt (Ozma bootleg)
I can confidently say, that is one of my best tracks. My girlfriend, who is fond of original track and love Nero very much advised me to make this bootleg. You must just see, what is happens on dancefloors when this track is sounds)

Q. What DAW are you on?
A. Nowadays I work with FL Studio. At first I used to work with other program. It was "Reason"

Q. Favourite VSTs?
A. My fav VSTs: NI Massive! I make all basses in it. Also I wanna notice the pack by Waves - very cool stuff!

Q. If I gave you £3000 to spend in the studio what would it be and why?
A. I just finished to renew my studio. I bought powerful computer and studio monitors Behringer Truth B2030A. I'm fond of all of these!
But if I had ?3000, I would got the pair of Adam a7x, sound card by Focusrite and sheathed the walls by acoustic foam. And there is still some money left? So there will be Playstation 4 PRO with Playstation VR. Sometime I need some rest from producing)

Q. You have had some massive support from Noisia.... that must of felt good?
A. It was the great finish of 2016, which was one of the most successful in music for me. I was very pleased to had this support. They played track name "The Adventure". It is different of what I made earlier.

Q. You are in the process of doing a solo EP for Serial Killaz... any exclusive clips of that or is it all a secret?
A. By the way, "The Adventure" will be in this EP. By this moment two tracks were given to Serial Killaz. There will be another two. I will try to make this EP very various, but it all will be dnb.

Q. You're currently signed exclusively to Multi Function... how did that link up come about?
A. I meet Levela in 2015 and I sent him my new stuff. He liked what I did and he offered me to release something on Multifunction. After first release he suggest me to become an exclusive label's artist. I was happily accepted, cos there will be strong team: Jayline, Freek, Levela, Hizzleguy and another young and cool guys. I'm happy to being a part of this family. Respect for Levela.

Q. You get a huge amount of fan mail... you have told me about some of the props that people give and it' fantastic.... what do you want to say to all of your fans?
A. I'm very appreciative all fan's letters, it is what to motivate me to work further. I have been on the stage for very long time and I know many people who gave up it in last 10 years, but it happens.
I wanna wish a strong health for the guys, because it is the most important in the end of all. Also I wanna wish an perseverance for the young producers. I don't think the education or perfect hearing is the necessity for the electronic music's producer.
The desire is the most important! Nowadays you can easily find any information in the net. Work hard!

Q. What's up next for you in 2017?
A. I have big hopes for this year! I already have several bookings for big events. Also there will be a lot of releases from me. We almost finished an EP with Lowriderz, which will be on Multifunction Music, and there will be a solo EP for same label, also a solo EP for Serial Killaz. Remixes, bootlegs - there will be a lot of great stuff!

Q. Any plans to come to the UK?
A. By this time I haven't got any confirm dates, but it's okay. I'm working and I hope that soon I will perform in England!

Q. Any shouts and thanks?
A. Regards and thanks for TON crew, Lowriderz & Smoky Dogg, Sub Zero, Hectix, Levela, Fatman D, Rusty K, DJ ART, Gvozd.
Instagram and PSN: ozmadnb   :)


Interview by Aliina Atkinson (Missrepresent) 29.01.17