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Listen Back To My Latest Kool London Show!

Bookings are dealt with by chris@uaagency.co.uk

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my website.


As usual I've been busy! I keep a diary of my gigs, work, interviews, radio shows and releases over on my news page, you can click here to visit it.

Latest news includes:

08.12.17 - Interview with Iris here.

01.12.17 - Interview with Busta MC here.

14.11.17 - I had a huge show on Kool London. Listen back here.

11.11.17 - I played in Pyebridge and here is the promo mix!

21.10.17 - Classic Feels Mix With MC Busta.

30.09.17 - Check out the latest releases on my label Sliced Note.

26.09.17 - Sponsor me for Barnado's.

20.09.17 - Latest Kool London Show listen here.

26.08.17 - The release of my track "Fever" on the "Love You Forever" project.

13.08.17 T>I Interview Here.

01.07.17 Soulful Nature Interview here.

29.6.17 My guestmix for Russia's Lowriderz here.

26.06.17 Updated gig videos from Work Bar 24.6.17

15.06.15: My next release on Sliced Note Recordings

07.06.15: Survival Interview : Masterchef Finalist (Audio)

0.05.17: Re-writing artists biography. Read here.

21.04.17: Interview and Mix @ Deeper Vision Recordings.

09.04.17: First play of 2 new tracks on Kool London.

03.02.17: Updated gig videos from the Kettering gig.

15.02.17: If you missed my guest mix for North Base listen here. 



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