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Annix Interview - Jungle Consumes Everything

Having cemented themselves firmly as two of the hottest prospects in the UK Drum and Bass scene, Konichi and Decimal Bass combined forces to create Annix and formed an affiliation with DJ Hype's Playaz in 2012 when 'Late Manouvre' found its way on to the 'The Flavours Vol. 4' EP. annix

This lead to Hype signing the duo exclusively to the label and it was no surprise that their debut album 'Inception' was one of the most anticipated underground releases of the 2013, propelling Annix forward and leading to DJ bookings across the UK, Europe and Australia. After many successful releases they are ready to present their latest EP: Jungle Consumes Everything.

First up is a mightily collaboration with the Teddy Killerz; the self titled Jungle Consumes Everything, with an epic style intro the drop is only moments away with devastating effect. Together ramps up the pace with full throttle beats and ground shaking subs. Run From The Gun locks and loads with a marching jump up beat while Slaughtered finishes off the EP in style with the heavy weight sounds of the Ragga Twins. First off congrats on the new EP it's a smasher and I'm loving it... you must be pleased with the support!! It's been an epic year for you in 2016, what has been your highlight so far?

One that stands out is playing at Pukklepop Festival in Belgium which is a pretty prestigious event. We are grateful we were able to play there.  

So 28th November the EP is dropping.... do you still get a buzz out of seeing your name out there or is the actual music making more important?

Both are a buzz. Nothing beats the feeling of when something clicks in the studio..but its also got to be treated as a business and marketing is a big part of it.

So you're from an old stomping ground of mine.. Cheltenham which is just up the road from Gloucester. We used to have Chemical Records there, can you tell us about the scene you grew up with there and how it is now?

Oh no way! Small world! The scene isn’t too great in Cheltenham at the moment, there’s the occasional dnb night but nothing great. When we first got into DNB the scene here was pretty cool and you would be able to see some big Djs at the weekends. There’s not many venues here and the few that are here would be reluctant to put on DNB events. We would love to start our own event but it’d be a question of where.

You've played at Let It Roll... how was that?

Let It Roll was amazing and would love to go back. To see 20,000 people from all corners of the world gathered for DNB was very inspiring and I remember coming home very inspired to make more DNB.

If you could colab with one person next year who would it be and why?

Noisia. In our opinion they are the best producers for Drum & Bass. That would be a dream come true :)

What production tips can you give our readers on getting drums nice and punchy?

Less is more. Layering too much can ruin the transients (punch) with every layer added consider if that layer is really vital to the drum sound.

Bassline work... what synths do you use? Massive and Serum pretty much. Nothing fancy. Its more the processing after that gives us our “sound”.

So what's up next for you guys?

We nearly have another EP ready so that will be following up this one as soon as possible. We also have a Australia & New Zealand tour coming up next month and lots of other shows around the world which we can’t wait for :)

If we see you out at the bar, what are you guys drinking?

Pint of good beer :D

Will you be heading to the DNBA awards in London this year? What do you think about the Critics Choice award?

Probably not. Weren't sure what that was but just googled it and sounds like a great idea to get some people who aren't getting their deserved recognition some love. Those awards are generally a popularity contest and don't necessarily make sense. E.G. Noisia winning a best live act award :D :S Everything seems to be a vote recently lol.

Hype and Pascal have been championing dnb and jungle now for over 20+ years...  and Playaz is still standing the test of time. What do you think it is that keeps certain labels running while others struggle?

Maybe because the music quality is kept to a high level and the accounts/admin side is run very smoothly unlike other labels we have worked with :)

What are you looking forward to most now next year?

Dour festival looks sick!

Thanks for your time and giving us wicked music... keep it up!

Big ups :D

Any shouts and thanks?

Thank you to anyone supporting us!  

Jungle Consumes Everything (Ft. Teddy Killers) (Taken From Friction on Radio 1)


Release Date : November 28th 2015 Playaz Recordings

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    Interview by Aliina Atkinson 2016