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Blaine Stranger Interview 2016

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, 21 year old Sam Braithwaite-Lloyd – aka ‘Blaine Stranger’ – is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the hottest rising stars in Drum and Bass.

Influenced by a variety of musical genres from a young age, Sam turned his attention to music production in 2011 – cutting his teeth on the world of bass music when he was introduced to the likes of Datsik & Excision, Bassnectar, Doctor P and Flux Pavilion. With his talents becoming increasingly recognised within the scene, it’s no surprise that Blaine Stranger has already locked down two label releases; a huge remix of Coppa & Raise Spirit’s ‘Oh No’ on Comanche Records and the eclectic ‘Chat Shit Get Banged’ on Viper’s ‘Summer Slammers 2016’.

Further building on his success, the talented producer is now releasing his debut single on Viper VIP with ‘Rock With it / I See The End’.

Congrats on the recent tracks, Rock With It and I See The End, you must be pleased with all the support?

Cheers! It's awesome seeing people vibe out to something you created.

Can you go back a few years to when you were growing up, what you listened to and how you got into dnb?

I was into hardcore/metalcore in a big way, and a massive hater of dance music - definitely your stereotypical, clueless metalhead. ("That's not a guitar bro") A mate of mine introduced me to Datsik which changed everything for me, hadn't heard anything like it previously! The same guy ended up linking me more and more dubstep/electronic music and eventually showed me Netsky, lovely jubbly to say the least..

What dnb artists inspire you?

Massive fan of what Dimension, Break, Metrik and Rudimental have been doing. Always reinventing themselves and pushing the scene forward!

What's the scene like in Sydney? Do you go raving much?

Small but strong, to put it simply! I get out once every couple of weeks for a dnb event. On the off - weeks you'll find me shaking my booty to some house/techno.

Have you ever been to the UK and any plans?

My parents were born in the UK so I've been over a couple times, LOVE it there! Hopefully back soon.

What's been your most memorable gig so far?

As a DJ: Viper 2016 in Sydney - too much fun. As a punter: Hospitality Bank Holiday BBQ 2015.

What is your preferred DJ set up?

CDJ2000's and a DJM 2000 Nexus are a good time.

What DAW are you on and have you always used that?

Ableton Live 9! I started out using FL Studio and then Reason, only for a couple of months each, Ableton just feels so right.

If I gave you £5,000 to spend on studio equipment what would you buy?

I'm super content with my current setup (Macbook Pro, KRK Rokkit 5's and an Audient Id14) so probably a didgeridoo, some dope Arabian lights, and a shit load of incense. Are all your mates into dnb and did they know of Viper Recordings? A bunch of them enjoy it, and the ones that do also know Viper.

Festivals or clubs?

Well, nothing beats the smell of sweat, cigarettes and alcohol in the heat at a festival!

What are your top 5 tunes at the moment?

Culture Shock - Rush Connection Mefjus - Taking (Ft. Zoe Klinck) (Ed Rush Remix) Nero - Two Minds (Dimension Remix) Matrix & Futurebound - Fire (Ft. Max Marshall) Ed Sheeran & Rudimental - Bloodstream

And your all time top 5?

Netsky - Escape BCee - Chameleon The Quemists - Stompbox (Spor Remix) Metrik - I See You (Ft. Kathy Brown) Sulex - Morning Run (I wouldn't be producing drum and bass if it wasn't for this tune!)

What's up next for you?

I have a ridiculous amount of tunes ready to go! So hopefully more releases!

If I see you at the bar what are you drinking?


Any shouts and thanks?

Big love to Angei (Bass Drop) and Hendo (Breakneck Entertainment) in Sydney, always dropping dope gig lineups, Geoff (Inhibit) for keeping drum and bass alive and well in Australia, and of course the team at Viper!  

"You can now buy or stream Blaine Stranger's debut Viper Recordings release 'Rock With It (feat. Coppa) / I See The End' HERE" Interview by Aliina Atkinson 2016