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Published 16th April 2016

Dreadmaul hails from Germany, making some industrial and experimental drum and bass.

With his second EP on Boundless Beatz, Dreadmaul expands his spiritual skills by a deep rewarding audio experience. 'Ayahuasca', 'Chaos Theory', 'Destroyer Of The Worlds' and 'Tusk' lead you through dark, magic and mystical soundscapes and have the potential of an entheogen. We interview him to find out more...


How did the name Dr3admaul come about and what does it mean?

The name 'dreadmaul' originates from some videogame I played when I first started to make music on my computer at age 15. I picked it up somewhere and liked the sound and the meaning of it so I kept it.


What were your musical influences growing up?

I think the biggest influence in my teens were probably Portishead or Massive Attack. Both bands really opened my eyes what music can be like.


Can you tell us how you found dnb?

My first dnb party was in cologne around 2008. After that party I searched the web for some dnb and found a lot of awesome stuff, like Noisia - Block Control or BSE - Arrakis which really got me hooked.


Who inspires you musically and why?

Lately the works of Bong-Ra really inspired me. His project Voodoom with Deformer is sick as hell and i just recently found out that he is the mastermind behind The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. I really look forward to hear his new "The Thing With Five Eyes" project.


What are you producing on at the moment? 

I work with FL Studio 12. Been on FL since I began producing.


Do you have any artists you would like to work with?

Soo many! It´s hard to choose. It would be nice to collab with the sounds of Antagonist, Acid_lab or Survey for example ;)


How would you describe your DJ style?



Any links to any DJ sets on line? 

MethLab were so kind to invite me to do a mix for their podcast recently.


You reside in Germany, what part and have you travelled much outside of your home country?

Currently I live in Mainz, Germany, which is pretty close to Frankfurt. Last year I went to New Zealand which was pretty amazing. I would love to get a gig outside of Germany, tho.


The drum and bass scene is pretty big in Germany, what are your favourite venues and events?

The best dnb events I witnessed were at Studio 672 in Cologne with the D:FRNT crew and at the Distillery in Leipzig with the Boundless Beatz gang, which I am pretty pround to be a part of.


Are you fond of German Mc's and can you tell us some of your favourite?

To pin it down: MC Fava, MC Mike Romeo and MC Kryptomedic have some amazing skills.


Your music is getting some great support. Can you name some of the people who are playing your music right now?

We still wait for some final feedback, but i´m pretty proud that LXC and Survey liked my tracks. Also MC Stunnah from Bremen played "Destroyer of Worlds" on his Radioshow, which is nice.


Can you give us your current top 5 tracks?

AU - Fear Dem (feat. Collinjah) Skitty - Opression Dub Deadcode - Ratatata Hathor - Drama North (Need For Mirrors Remix) Flatbush Zombies - R.I.P.C.D.


What tunes never leave your DJ bag?

Clarity - Hells Gate (feat. T-Man) Dom & Roland - Unofficial Jah FD - Trip & Enter Icicle - Arrows


What gigs have you got coming up?

Actually none right now. But i´m always looking for bookings (hit me up at );)


What has been your most memorable moment so far?


Having the mastermind behind Boundless Beatz, my Labelchef audite, who was the author of one of the first mp3-mixes i ever downloaded, long before i knew him, dance to my set in Leipzig was a pretty amazing feeling.


What are you drinking at the bar?



Any shouts and thanks?

Big ups to my friend Tobi who again did an awesome job on the cover-artwork, to the Boundless Beatz crew and to every supporter out there! Cheers! :)    

Interview by Aliina Atkinson (Missrepresent)