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Erb N Dub April 2016

Published 14th April 2016

Since 2007 he’s been releasing a slew of weighty tracks on labels like Playaz, Technique and many more plus a top 5 Beatport release with his smasher ‘Moshpit’. He’s been a remixer of choice for labels such as Sony and OWSLA for a string of artists including Foreign Beggars, A Skillz, DJ Fresh, Deekline, Freestylers and Krafty Kuts. His tunes are consistently blowing up raves and airwaves worldwide, with support from Andy C, Friction, Drumsound and Bassline Smith, Jaguar Skills, Crissy Criss, TC, Phace, Hype, The Upbeats, Mefjus and Dirty Phonics to name just a few.

We drop in on his busy schedule for what’s hot, what’s not and everything in between.

First off, why the name Erb N Dub?
Back when we were kids I needed a music name Harry Shotta and I were listening to all sorts of music for inspiration. Racking our brains Shotta said what about Erb N Dub? From that day it stuck.

Favourite places to DJ?
I love DJing full stop! I would have to say favourite countries more than places. I’ve played many killer shows in the UK, Portugal, Germany, America, Italy, Canada and a lot more. I love the travelling to new places, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.

You started drumming at a young age, is that what you love about drum and bass, the drum work?
Originally yeah the drum patterns drew me in. Now, I’m obsessed with the science of sound. However, I don’t forget that a track needs to work well on the dance floor, after all isn’t that what DNB is all about?

You have sampled your own drums into your music. What microphones are you using for that?
Yes I have used my live Jazz Kit a few times. One of my recent singles Drummer we recorded a lot of live drum fills you can here throughout. Mics can vary, you also need good pre amps too to get the right sound.

Do you ever do live drum sets with dnb like Junge Drummer?
I have done a few. A few years back I played live drums at Movement and originally was in a DNB influence band called Acetate.

What age did jungle / drum and bass appeal to you?
I would say around 2002 is when it grabbed me. I was at uni studying music and somehow my life became emerged in Drum and Bass.

You use a stack of hardware in your studio, can you expand on hardware vs software for the readers?
Sure, I use some outboard synths, Moog Prodigy, Access Virus, Yamaha Motif, Yamaha Reface & I’m currently demoing there soon to be released Montage – That thing is some next level beast!

I use various mics, hardware pre amps, reverbs and compressors to manipulate sound and then back into the box. I suppose its what makes music even more interesting than just using a computer.

You like to make up sample packs for producers – which one has been your most successful to date?
Yeah I made a few sample packs, mainly to help the up and coming producers.

My recent pack has been the most successful for sure –

You have played to some massive crowds what’s the biggest and the most memorable?
There’s a few. 10,000 people in a forest in Sicily, a huge beach festival in Portugal and some crazy warehouse rave in Italy. Italy was a mad one. I expected it to be at a small club. When I got there 4000 people had tuned up. Another time I flew from some shows in the Alps to Portugal. I crashed in the hotel for an hour or two, to be woken up and pretty much to be dumped on stage in front of 1500 Erb N Dub fans. I was on a few bill boards for that gig. Crazy!

You have been in the studio with Harry Shotta, any insights to what’s been poppin?
Shotta I have known since school days. I make time to work with him, whether its on his music or music together I make sure the music he makes sounds top notch. That’s what friends do right?

What’s coming up for you over the next 6 months?
Lots of new music, some great festival dates and some big remixes in the pipeline :)

Your track just released on Technique, Speak and Spell. Did you use a real speak and spell?
Yeah it was real. The studio next door to mine had one. I borrowed it and got my sampling head on.

It’s a wicked track, probably one of my favourites from you recently. How does it feel to be on Technique Recordings after aspiring to be on big dnb labels?
Its a great label to be on. Technique Recordings is consistently going from strength to strength. The behinds the scenes work label boss Simon Bassline Smith has and is putting in is really paying off!!!

And following from that, what advice would you give to up and coming producers wanting to get on the bigger labels?
Make exceptional / original music and perfect your mix downs as just as important as the music itself. Once you have achieved this then approach a label.

Any studio tips for those reading?
Youtube is your friend!

And when I see you at the bar, what are you drinking?
I don’t drink anymore lol.

Thanks for your time, one last thing, table tennis and any recent videos of you dancing round your room?
Table tennis is an important part of any studio! It breaks up a session and its a good laugh! Video’s of me dancing coming soon lol!

Shouts and thanks?
Shout out to all of the Technique Family!!!

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Interview by Aliina Atkinson (Missrepresent)