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Kronology - LA Superstars

The name Kronology may be new to the world of Drum & Bass, but its foundation is anything but! Formerly known as Slogun & iOh, the DnB production duo from Los Angeles has been cutting its teeth and building its sound for the past several years in the USA.

The pair have released successful original tracks and pumped out several high-profile remixes, all while smashing clubs and festivals across America. Now signed to Drumsound & Bassline Smith's very own Technique Recordings, we stop them in their tracks literally for a few minutes, to catch up with them...

First off, thanks for your time out! I love the new Mantra track.. great energy there!

That's awesome, glad you’re feeling it!

Can you go back to the beginning for us and what music you grew up to, and how you got into drum and bass?

We both grew up with pretty wide-ranging tastes. Nick was heavy into Reggae, Hip Hop and Punk Rock, while Rene was deep into Metal, early Dubstep and Trip Hop. Each of us played guitar in bands growing up as well, and we started to discover Drum & Bass at around the same time in the mid-late 2000's. We met through mutual friends here in the scene and started working on tunes together soon after that!

Why the name Kronology and what does it mean?

We were looking to give ourselves a brand-new unified name, and we wanted it to symbolize a new era in our musical career; the concept of Chronology came to mind, which is the science of events and their sequence in time. We thought that was a really cool theme with great symbolism so we ran with it.

You're both based in LA. Have you always lived there and what do you love about your home city?

Rene has lived here almost his entire life, and Nick grew up both here in LA and in neighboring Ventura County. Both of our roots are in the San Fernando Valley area of the city, where we still live. LA is amazing for lots of reasons. It’s a mecca for music, film and all kinds of art; there’s so much creativity here and it’s all over the city. We’ve got some of the best food in the world, and we’re surrounded by nature from the ocean to the mountains to the desert. Not to mention LA loves DnB in a very big way!

What is the scene like there?

LA is definitely one of the major places for DnB in the US, and the scene here is pretty big and well-established. There’s a whole range of Drum & Bass nights as well as events that include DnB; everything from small club nights to underground warehouses, to mid-size theaters all the way up to big festivals. It’s grown a lot in recent years which is nice to see. There’s a whole lot of great DJ's from here and now were starting to see more producers from LA make a name for themselves as well which is awesome.

Have you ever visited the UK?

Not yet! We both hope to make our way out there sometime soon though!

Your production is going from strength to strength, what DAW are you on and any favourite plug ins?

Our DAW has always been Logic Pro. Some of our favorite plugins include Serum, Massive, and pretty much everything from Waves and Steven Slate.

What top tips have you learnt recently that you can share with our readers?

Just to use Serum as much as possible. We’re still discovering new amazing things it can do all the time. Our favorite synth!

How do you start tracks... with a bassline a hook or drums?

It really depends on the tune. Sometimes we start by messing around designing a bass sound and then just playing on the keyboard until we get a good riff going. Other times we’ll build it around a melodic element. It definitely helps to just “jam” with a good synth and take it from there.

What's it like working with each other in the studio? 

We do most of our work together in the studio, since we only live about 10 minutes away from each other and its convenient. This way we can bounce ideas off each other right away and we can both check each other if the other guy’s idea is crap. There’s a whole lot of trash talking and trolling that goes on.

Hahah.. brilliant.... So, if I gave you £10,000 to spend on studio gear what would you buy and why?

Tough choice! Probably would grab some real pricey high-end mic’s as well as some vintage analog synths to mess around with too!

Yum. What gigs have you had recently that have blown your minds?

The best recent gig was definitely the Technique Takeover at The Avalon in Hollywood. One of our favorite venues in town that always gets rammed for DnB; having the Technique crew in Bassline Smith, Tantrum Desire and Youngman coming through made for a huge night!

Christmas is coming... are you lovers or haters of Christmas and what are your plans this year?

We definitely both enjoy the part about spending time with family and friends! That’s exactly what we’ll both be doing, relaxing as hard as possible.

Technique is a wicked label.. you must be proud to be part of the team? 

Definitely! Technique has put out a lot of fire tunes this year as they always seem to do and it’s been very cool to be a part of the same label. Document One, Tantrum Desire, Erb N Dub, L Plus and Gradual to name a few have all made some of our favorite music of the year, not to mention label-bosses Drumsound & Bassline Smith with a huge year of their own.

Who are your top 5 producers right now?

Hard to pick just 5, but we’re definitely feeling all of these acts right now: - Document One - Rockwell - Tantrum Desire - Stranger - Sub Killaz

What 5 tunes are in your bag at the moment that you know will go off?

Tantrum Desire - Pump (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) L Plus - Avenger Fox Stevenson - Saloon VIP L 33 - Drop It Down Low Tantrum Desire - Airhead

What's coming up next for you in the next few months?

We’ve got a new single coming out Dec 1st on Technique called “Mantra” which we’re excited about and has been getting good support so far. There’s more in the works and we’re looking forward to unleashing it in 2017.

Any shouts and thanks?

Big shout out of course to the entire Technique fam for everything this year! Big up to our Splat crew at home in LA, our friends and family, and to everyone who has supported our music in any way so far!

Many thanks and all the best for the future guys!

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