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Leaf Interview July 2016

Leaf Interview July 2016 We stop Leaf in his tracks, briefly, to hammer him to the exciting news of his recent EP on Serial Killaz, the "Monsoon EP" which compiles of rolling beats to simplistic steppy breakbeats which are fire on the dancefloor.


It's certainly dubbed jump up at it's finest and here at DNBMuzik we agree. The title track has already been battered by the likes of Hype, Noisia, Hazard, TC, Nicky Blackmarket and more, and he is setting a trend for the new era of rough and raw jump up.  


Firstly, congratulations! You must be stoked?

Thank you, I’m totally stocked to be working alongside Serial Killaz. They have pushed my music further than ever!    


You're originally from Africa, but you reside here now? Can you tell us about growing up, and how you got into dnb?

I travelled around quite a lot as child, firstly being born in South Africa then moving to Scotland for several years and now on the festively, Isle of Wight. I got into drum & bass around 2008 when I was in high school. This gradually moved onto me buying a pair of decks and learning the ways... after a few years of mixing at house party’s and local clubs I decided to buy a mac and get into producing.. Since then I haven’t looked back! It’s a very enjoyable thing seeing people go crazy to something you’ve made in ur bedroom, quite mad really..  


What music did you listen to growing up?

My musical background was so vast growing up it’s unreal. My father would play a lot of different music around the house ranging from Al Jolson to Peter tosh to Pink Floyd to ACDC and lots more.  


What do you miss about Africa?

I moved when I was very young so not much apart from family.  


You're an accomplished DJ, what is your preferred set up? 

I learnt to mix on turntables so it’ll always be turntables. I do like the practicality of CDJ’s though.. Turn up to a set with a usb and bam you have endless tracks to play. Also I find I mix quicker mixing on CDJ’s.  


What DAW are you producing on, your fav vst's and, tea or coffee in the studio?

I use Logic for producing at the moment. Id say Serum is my favourite plug in as it’s very diverse with what you can do with it. I don’t drink much tea or coffee to be fair, I enjoy cold drinks a lot more..  


Have you always followed Serial Killaz, and do you have anything in the pipeline you can let us know about for future projects?

I have, yes. I remember buying a batch of vinyl off my mate when I first started mixing, and in that batch was ‘Killa Klash’ which I still love! I’m currently working on my second E.P for the label which I’m quite exited about. More info about that should be up very soon.  


Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by a lot of things to be fair. Not always music. The titled track on the E.P, which is out now called ‘Monsoon’ was made on a rainy day, which btw is my favourite time to make tracks. Whenever it’s storming outside I always find I can lock myself away and get in the zone! Reggae and abstract sound design also inspire me along with loads more.. Its hard finger point what does really aha!  


What has been your most memorable gig so far?

Random Concepts take over in Belgium has been a highlight for me so far. Defiantly one of the biggest party’s I’ve played at and the vibe was unreal… The promoter also looked after us all very well. Big shout to Remi.  


What is your favourite club in the UK?

It has to be fabric. The sound system is unreal.  


Favourite place to play worldwide?

Belgium as it’s the furthest I’ve been to preform outside of the uk.  


Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Hopefully somewhere in the Caribbean drinking rum on the beach.  


Can we have your top 5 tracks?

TC - Unleash The Wolves

Absolute banger of a track. Love the dark screw face vibe..This one it's going off in my sets as of late!

T>I - Changes

Low bass is what I'm mostly about so this is on point. Also love the main sample that loops over the track which gives it its finishing touch.

1991 - Bad

  Says it in the name really.. This is some amazing production! 1991 is a fairly new artist to me but what an impact he's making.

Emperor - Thunder Ft. Mc Fats  

Absolute dancefloor stomper ! The bass is too much. I also love anything Mc Fats touches down on !

Serum - Phenomenon Ft. Trigga

Bringing back those old school vibes.. that wobbly bass in infectious. Trigga is also one of my favourite Mc's


What are you drinking from the bar when we see you?

Rum and coke


Any shouts and thanks?

Thanks to all my friends and family. Also big shout out to Tobie and Graham for the opportunity and finally shout out to all the labels I’m currently or who I’ve already worked with. Thank you!