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Miss Melody

Miss Melody

Hailing from Hastings, UK, Miss Melody first picked up a microphone at the tender age of 8.

Attending events in her hometown, she went on to play nationally and now is internationally recognized.

How was your Christmas and New Year?

I managed to have few days off to enjoy Christmas with Family and friends so was nice thank you. Up until 23rd December was a little crazy regarding bookings and I had a Bk2Drmz event on the 23rd December. That event we helped raise money to help feed the homeless in Hastings for Christmas day.

New Years Eve I performed at Devotion/ Innovation @ Fire, 02 Oxford then Moondance for the last set. That was crazy!



So you were 8 when you first picked up a mic.. I've seen the photo you look so adorable!

Haha well, this picture was taken at my parents house and we had a pair of turntables with my fisher price microphone haha. I was in love. I think it all started from around that time in my life.



So you come from Hastings... have you been there all your life?

I live in Bexhill but I have been based here all my life. I love being by the sea and its peaceful. When travelling around its nice just to come back here and just chill. Especially summer time!



Any good fish and chip shops by the seaside there?

Defiantly. There is always a good piece floating around haha.



And Hastings Pier is known for a lot of old school brands, I guess you were in attendance?

I was fortunate enough to get the tail end of events like MC Convention, Backlash. I was too young to get into raves like Heat, Fever at the time unfortunately. I remember my older sister between 94-96 was going to raves and she would collect the flyers and put them up on her wall. I was fascinated by the music and flyers I even wanted my name on them from such a young age. After the pier caught fire I wanted to do something local regarding events. I run BK2Drmz and New Soundz. In the past have we have also helped the youth & community, various charities, and Christmas 2016 we helped towards feeding the homeless for Christmas day. I love the events because its priceless to see people all under one roof sharing the love for one thing, music. Bk2Drmz is back on 31st March @ Tubman Hastings.



It gets bloomin windy though right?

Haha yes. I think Bexhill is actually Roman for ‘Windy Hillʼ? but donʼt mark me on that!



So let's talk about music.. you went to college to study?

I want to be an artist. I wanted to do things myself like write, produce, create my own sound, learn about theory, business, artist development and most importantly getting to know me. I had been performing but on the technical side I didnʼt know how to do any of this. I started at the basics and continued to study there for three years. I wanted to be able to create my feelings, capture it and relay it back to others.



You had a pretty nasty car accident and was bed ridden for 3 years... how did that impact your life?

I had been performing for a few years, circuiting the UK and just started to perform at events such as One Nation, until I had a severe car accident and illness that left me in-between being in bed and hospitals for three years. I had no choice but to accept to start again. In this time I was ill I started writing lyrics hooks and re assembling and structuring lyrics . I didnʼt watch TV I just sat and wrote lyrics and listened to music and artists that influenced and inspired me.

Later I returned to work, didnʼt like it, quit my job and felt the need for me to pursue a career in music. It was a hard time but this made me more determined to MC/ write and get myself out. Sometimes the negative things that happen in our lives can put us on a path to the best things that could possibly happen to us without us realising at the time.



"Staying Focused" is something that means so much to you... can you tell the readers why?

After the accident and illness made me realise a lot. It inspired me and made me more determined to be that Artist I have visioned and get myself out. I have realised that time is precious and as you get older time goes a lot quicker. I try to use my time wisely now.



So you record in your own home now?

I do, but I still like recording sometimes at other studios including Loop masters HQ, ATM, and other local studios. They have all very different set ups regarding room acoustics, equipment so its nice to use various places for different projects.



If I gave you £1000 for a gig mic what would you buy and why?

Id probably buy a Sennheiser SKM mic for my live shows. Ive recently swapped my Shure mic at live gigs or a Sennheiser. Going to different venues and places to perform have completely different set ups so having a decent microphone/s or right mic is essential to me.




And if I gave you £5000 to spend in your studio what would you buy?

I've always wanted a Mackie mixing desk. Maybe build a vocal booth and acoustically treat my studio? Or I would maybe get a SKM or various dynamic, condenser microphones to experiment with my vocals and instruments for my own music and pre production or live shows.



Your videos are popular you must appreciate the support?

Of Course! I canʼt be happier by the support. Iʼm very humbled and grateful by everyone who has been supporting. So big thanks to everyone who is.



You have other female artists as inspiration... can you tell us about those?

Artists such as Da Brat, Missy Elliott, Ms Dynamite, to even Stevie Nicks. DnB Artists such as Lady MC, Tali, have been a massive inspiration growing up within the scene from a young age. Its not just female inspiration but also from guys like Wu Tang Clan, Fearless, Skibadee, Eksman, Dynamite MC and many more. All of these styles have influenced me in some way as an artist today.



You love all styles of DnB, and you don't like to be boxed into a certain sub-genre regarding as an MC. Can you expand on that for us?

Growing up listening to so much diverse DnB, I donʼt just love one genre of it. I love all spectrums and its the same for me as an MC. I want to extend on my emceeing and vary myself with different styles, techniques, and flows. Im not a jungle, jump up or Neuro MC. I have been booked with Artists from Pendulum, DJ Storm, Guv, Chris Su, Dillinja, Blackmarket (Jungle sets) (for example) I like to vary my style and try to be different. I like to to work with the DJs accompany the music and take people on a journey.



Tell us about Access to Music?

ATM is a music college based in the Uk to help point artists and musicians in the right direction. I knew what I wanted to do I just didnʼt know where to start. I studied there for three years and was one of the best three years of my life. ATM to me was a massive turning point in my life and achievement as It created the pathway Iʼm leading today in my music. Its helped me pursue in my music and kept me staying focused on something Iʼve always wanted from a very early age. Unfortunately the Brighton branch of a nationwide music college - which has helped to launch the careers of Ed Sheeran and Rita Ora also has announced it is to close for good at the end of this academic year, dashing the hopes of thousands who had signed the petition. It will be very sad to see it go.



So September 2016 you hit Tempo Agency! Congrats on that.... have you noticed a profile change?

Thank you and yeah its been pretty amazing year really. The day it happened I had a death in the family then I received the news about Tempo. It was really weird. Surreal actually. Now Iʼm working even harder and It has defiantly helped put me forward in the right direction and grateful for the opportunitys. Outlook Festival is huge.



Tell us about that day....

Last year I was for booked for Outlook Festival in Croatia. I did not know what to expect regarding the festival. I had seen other Artists and people posting online of previous experiences from Outlook events, but its not until your actually there yourself and experience it you then can relate to it. When I arrived I couldnʼt believe how big the festival was. From boat parties with some of the best sounds systems i have ever heard to the moat. Im still finding out about stages I never knew existed haha! When we arrived DJ Randall was on set and just re wound General Levy- Incredible. What a tune to turn up to haha! The ravers were so friendly and they were just purely there for the vibes and the music. Defiantly in my top 5 events of 2016!



So your first booking in Ibiza was with the mighty Groove rider at Es Paradise! How was it?

I didnʼt know what to expect to be honest as it was my first time also in Ibiza. It was crazy hahaha!! For those who have experienced and been to Ibiza will know how crazy events can get.



And you're no stranger to other parts of Europe now too...

The last year or so have been crazy from performing in places such as Belgium, Croatia, Canary Islands, Germany, Greece, Holland, Ibiza, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Tenerife, Turkey and all over UK. I find every country and event have their own take on events and its fantastic to witness and perform at these places. Promoters such as International Drum & Bass Meeting, Breakin Science, Innovation, Fluid Chamber, Summer Gathering, Stale Malo, Outlook, so many more. Its fantastic to be apart of it.



So you're on a track with Pleasure & Origin... can you tell us about that?

Something I need to know was signed to Philly Blunt. I love Philly Blunt and V Recordings and grew up listening to these record labels and when Origin rang me up to say it had been signed was a nice feeling. I actually spoke to Bryan Gee on the phone regarding the track and he started signing the hook line down the phone I can still hear him signing it haha. ‘Something I need to Knowʼ - DJ Pleasure & Origin/ Miss Melody (Out now on Philly Blunt)



If you had to take one track on a desert island, to listen to forever and only one tune, what would it be and why!

Ooo thats a hard one! Theres so many!! Off the top of my head maybe Commix -True or Adam F Circles or if not DnB it would be a Fleetwood Mac song. Id defiantly have to sneak a few more tracks with me.



And what is up next for you?

Places Next Month you can catch me performing over the next month

28th January- Jungle Mania Brighton

28th January- Skibadee Birthday bash- 02 Building Six SE

Feb 4th- IC3 Genres- Brighton

Feb 11th- Warning - Cambridge

Feb 18/19th Stale Malo - Slovakia

Feb 24th- Lightbox - London

Feb 25th- Raving Lunacy - Milton Keynes

March 4th- Breakin Science Brighton - Well this week is Skiba's Birthday Bash so I'll see you there, you looking forward to that, i'm hyped! It certainly is and if you havenʼt got a ticket go and get one because this event is set to sell out trust me. I canʼt wait and hopefully see you there.



If I see you out, what are you drinking from the bar?

Haha Water as Iʼm performing but if it was my Birthday bash id be drinking rum or amaretto maybe few Jagerbombs.



And lastly... any shouts and thanks?

Thank you to you for this interview, my family, my partner, Phantasy, Ed & Michael, Recall, Bellyman, the promoters supporting and most importantly all the ravers and everyone who has supported me and my music.