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Mob Tactics Sept 2016

Mob Tactics seem to be a name on people’s lips more and more of late. Already renowned for their inimitable style of techy – yet very funky, dancefloor orientated Drum & Bass, the duo appear to be going from strength-to-strength with each release. Their tunes are already firm staples in the sets of Andy C, Friction, Matrix & Futurebound, DJ Hype and Audio, to name but a few, and the demand for them on the DJ circuit is rapidly gaining momentum. Heavily influenced by the likes of Ed Rush & Optical, Bad Company, Konflict and Total Science, you can always guarantee a Mob Tactics release or DJ set will be nothing short of high octane. First off, your latest EP "Body Check" really is something else. You seem to step it up a gear each time, how do you keep motivated?

Thank you! We're really proud of this EP, definitely feels like our best work to date. Staying motivated is easy when you love what you do and we're constantly pinching ourselves that we get to do this for a living. Feel very blessed indeed.

You have some really great layers going on in your music. Do you both write music together, or do things separate and bring it together, what is your workflow?

We've always written together, it just works better for us that way. We really vibe off one another and things seem to flow. When one person runs out of steam the other is there to pick up the vibe, so-to-speak.

Dot Matrix really is a happy funky tune. Do you look at different keys and chords to determine the track you work on, or is it just luck of the draw when you start making tunes?

It's usually pretty random to be honest. We tend to get a little hook or melody down and go from there. Maybe we'll change the notes if they're in a particularly awkward key, but on the whole we just go with it and see where it takes us.

Jaberwocky has some great synth work in. Have either you ever had piano lessons or is it all self taught?

Neither of us have had any piano lessons or musical training as such (although we both used to play the drums), so a lot of fiddling around till something sounds right. We really enjoy writing melodies and chord progressions, the trial and error part of it is actually very useful in training your brain into remembering chords that work well together and which ones sound garbage!

What DAW are you guys producing on?

FL Studio all the way!

Can you give our readers some useful beginner studio advice?

Don't swamp yourself with too much; take your time to get to grips with things. No point in installing 100 plug-ins and trying to master them all. Do some research, ask about the essentials, learn how to use them proficiently and then start investigating others. You'll find it a lot easier in the long run. And most importantly: forge your own vibe/sound. Originate, don't emulate.

And for those a little more advanced, any useful things you have found recently you could share?

Yeah; ingesting 12 litres of Red Bull during a studio session doesn't always work...

Have you ever considered putting a sample pack together?

We've toyed with the idea for a while now. It's a distinct possibility for 2017. Watch this space...

You signed exclusively to Viper, how does it feel to be part of such a great team?

Incredible! Signing with Viper has been the best thing to ever happen to us. Brendan runs a tight ship and the management team in place along with the artists on board feel like family. Really couldn't be any happier right now.

Can you name us your top 5 producers?

Oooooh, tough one. Erm, okay, 5 is not gonna be enough, gonna have to be a top ten, haha! In no particular order... Audio Cyantific Noisia The Prototypes InsideInfo Prolix Matrix & Futurebound Neonlight Dimension TC

Are you a fan of MCs?

Yeah, definitely! There's some really skilled guys out there. Always love working with Eksman, IC3, Miss Trouble, AD & Rhymestar.

What gigs have you got coming up in the next few months?

Quite a few at the minute, which is great. Czech Republic, Belgium, Cornwall, Bristol, Amsterdam, Paris and a string of US dates all in the books.

If I see you out, what are you guys drinking from the bar?

Anything from the top row or a fine IPA.

Any shouts and thanks?

Luke: Shout out to my beautiful new wife, Joanna Syze! Brendan, Tim, James, Maria and our manager/leader/life guru/problem solver, King Asad!

Mark: Big respect to Jesus H. Christ, Ken from the McDonald's drive-through, all the Viper gang and my incredibly talented/extremely handsome production partner, Luke.

Many thanks guys ;) Awesome work ;)





Interview by Aliina Atkinson