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Mr Joseph 2016 Interview

Although Mr Joseph has been involved in the music scene since early 1990 organising raves and parties throughout the London area, it wasn’t until 2000 he decided to take things a little more seriously with Drum & Bass. Coming from a Caribbean background, Joseph was all to familiar with the many musical genres resonating throughout his parents home. His father and uncles were both in sound systems back in the 70's which meant he had unprecedented access to Jazz, Soul, Funk and Reggae. Growing up around sound systems Joseph refined he talents behind the decks from the age of 8. and living in North West London was a bonus due to the number of record shops dotted throughout the area.

First off, congrats on your recent release - Tape Bang / Blissful Delights on Liquid V. You must be stoked it's doing very well! It's the first tracks to be taken from your forthcoming album "Inner Haze" and you being only the second artist to ever release an album on the imprint, you must be stoked? What's it like working with the team?

Raah! really. Bryan kept that one quiet from me.
Yeah I'm pretty honoured actually. I'm sure i'm not the only one to say this but Bryan G is one of the happiest guys in D'n'B. He's so enthusiastic about the music. You just have to listen to the pod casts and know that. The entire team have been amazing to me from the first release I did until now.

Can you go back to how it all started for you and what you were listening to growing up?

1994 in college, I heard a few class mates rambling on about some new music called 'Jungle'. I didn't like it at first but that was me just being dismissive and ignorant. I use to listen to hop hop and reggae. Ended up borrow a tape (Tape!.. I'm giving away my age) which was from a Kool FM show. I fell in love with the music straight away.

What are you producing on and what are your favorite synths?

I use Cubase and a really old copy of Reason. I only use reason for things like subs really. Occasionally I'll rummage around in the other synths like Reason Malstrom to see what sounds I can layer on top of my samples. I mainly like to sample and then layer sounds on top. If I had to pick one synth it would have to be NI Massive. You can get some really nice twisted sounds out of it. I used it a lot on Tape Bang.

If I gave you a grand what would you buy for your studio?

Nord Electro 5 but you would need to throw me a extra 500 quid. This hardware synth has all the sounds I need. It's sick.

So you have learnt to mix in clubs with no monitors, can you tell us why that's important to be able to do?

Hmmm.. I wouldn't say it's important. What's important is promoters investing time and effort into getting a good set up for DJ's. If you're just cutting between tracks then you have nothing to worry about but if you're trying to EQ your mix and you don't have a monitor and you got a MC it can get a little muddy. You end up clanging and nobody likes a clang. If you don't have monitors next to you just make sure you have a good sent of headphones. HD25s are the best. I use them for producing and DJing.

Fabric has recently closed down but you had the pleasure of playing there. Can you tell us a little about that and how that's impacting you as a DJ?

Yeah it's sad that Fabric has closed down especially surrounding the circumstances. I can see why ravers are very emotional over it. That place was a institution, a pilgrimage for many. People came from abroad to that place. Queues around the corner. At the same time thou the council has to be seen taking an affective action and closing Fabric was just that. We can't forget the families though. My thoughts go out to them more than anything.

I've played Fabric several times and I have to thank Bukem for inviting me. The sound system in Fabric is unbelievable. It's a great place to test out your mixdowns.

You remixed DJ Zinc - Move That Sound Featuring MC Fats from the We Gotcha LP. How did that come about and you must be proud?

Yeah I am, Fats is real nice guy and when he approached me about doing a remix I felt really honoured. I've always been a fan of Zinc as well. I wouldn't mind giving his back catalogue a remix. I was able to put my own spin on it which went down well with A-sides and Fats. It was also nice to be apart of the album.

You ran your own Fizzy nights for a while, how long was it and what's up next?

Myself alongside Deefa MC and Cliche MC ran the nights for just over 10 years. It was pure fun from start to finish and really helped us all build our names and careers in the scene. It introduced us to many artists and open doors for all of us.

Where are your favorite places to DJ?

London. No place like home.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I'm a Web Developer in the day so my time is split between writing beats and write code.

Can you give us your top 5 tunes please? 

What gigs have you got coming up?

I'm playing at Inner Soul's 5th Birthday the 4th November :

Who are your top 5 favourite producers?

Dave Owen

Any up and coming DJs who you think are smashing it at the moment?

DJ's Hmmmm... I haven't been out clubbing to I can't really Say.

What are your next 5 year plans and goals?

To expand my sound more, Hopefully colab more. Learn to play the piano and the guitar.

Any shouts and thanks?

Big thanks to V and all the producers that work to make the label what it is. Big shout to Fokuz Records and the guys at Triple Vision.


Interview by Missrepresent 27.10.16