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Nutcracka Interview 2015

Interview by Missrepresent

Here is our First in a series of Interviews Exclusively on the Raveology Facebook Page - Our very own MC Nutcracka

June 2015 For the past 10 years, Nutcracka has been a presence on some of the UK's largest raves. We took time out to find out what's going off in Nutcracka's world right now...



For the people who don't know your history, can you tell us how you got into being a lyrical performer and why??

Well it all started from when I was a very young little naughty boy, as my father used to sing and do music himself. I was brought up around music and I always used to want to get involved as even my older brother and his friends used to listen to a lot of hip hop at them times, and try and rap themselves, so I was surrounded by it.


How is 2015 treating you right now?

2015 I'm fa.kin flyin at the moment, Nevelle Bartus haha, big and serious though, things are lookin' really well at the mo. I was goin through a lot of personal stuff last year 2014 and I wasnt feeling like myself, if ya get what i'm sayin'? One day something just clicked in my head and I said to myself (f that) picked up my head off the floor got rid of all that negative energy around me and remembered who I was lol. I just got myself back on my music even harder and got my musical mojo back in full swing. Right about now I feel real! Well, ever so good!


What kind of music influences did you have growing up?

Well as I said earlier my Father and my older Brother were big big influences on me growing up, straight up!


What influences you now?

Myself now seriously, I just love it, I swear, I love it I do...


Have you lived in Birmingham your whole life?

I've had stints in other citys but I am a born and bread Brummie I.m afraid!


What is your favourite venue in Birmingham?

The best venue right about now in Birmingham for me has got to be Gatecrasher. The vibes are just nice in there and the soundsystem, the lighting - everything - It's even got red carpet.


Have you always been into drum and bass and what other genres do you listen to?

Yes I have always listened to drum & bass from way before the name drum and bass came about. This was when it was jungle techno and I have seen the whole progression of the music to what it has become today.


Do you prefer clubs, festivals or raves?

I do love festivals to be honest but raves, clubs the women is where it's at! Lol I just love them all really as long the vibes right in there im ready to party and have a loo laa until the lights come on and the music stops.


Raveology has been in your life. How did you link up with that brand and what do you think makes it so successful?

100% it has shown me nothing but support for me as a local Birmingham artist it has been nice to have had the backing from Birminghams biggest promotions, so yeah big up Majika and the lovely Jo. 100% maximum respect goes out to you guys as I must say it was them guys that brought the life and soul back into the drum and bass raves in Birmingham (no joke). The scene was deadout before they put life back into it so they deserve the props no doubt.


What are you drinking from the bar?

I've stopped drinking now lol but if I was to have a sneaky sneaky drink it would be either a brandy and lemonade or Ray & Nephew bigmanting don't tell no1 tho lol.


What is the largest crowd you have performed in-front of?

My biggest crowd that's a hard 1 there?? From now I'm goin to bring a clicker with me to count the crowd numbers lol... but let me tell ya- I have played at loads and loads of massive gigs over the years with thousands of ravers in attendance and there will be loads more to come


I watched your Birthday Bash videos, those shows are awesome with the Boxing Ring. What plans are there for another Birthday Bash?

2015 Birthday bash I didn't have 1 this year as I have been doin my Birthday bashes from 2007/8 in the DnB scene so I thought it did need a little rest to come back fresh and yeah ravers - it will be back bigger and better for next end of January 2016 start of Feb so watch this space... whooshhh!


If you could work with one artist, who would it be?

Vibez Kartell gaza mi he that's my artist right there, the guy is a genius.


Dj Creepa asks : You were working with Dj Alpha on some tracks, when will they be finished / released?

Yes creepz  We already have some massive! I mean large! No - I mean heavy like 2 pregnant elephant tracks already finished that are ready to go now, but the project we are workin together on will be makin up noise by say, October / November times i'd say!! But look out for a sneaky 1 or 2 in Innovation In The Sun ?? (wink wink).


You boyed off facebook recently. I was looking for a bio on there and couldn't find one, do you think you will be back?

Lloool yes I ended my ten year love affair with Facebook!! Facebook upset me lol. 1 day I tried to log in as normal, then it started to ask me for all sorts of my details so me with my brain (as in sometime road mentality) just thought it was a bit dodgy at first until I spoke with my advisers about the situation lol. Cut a long story short it didn't last long as I'm back on facebook as J McKen lool… yeah I know..


You produce as Hidden Secret. What DAW are you on and what VST's are you playing with in the studio?

And yes it was supposed to be on a low thankyou guys, but all I will tell you is look out for leaders of the newskool look out for that name!! Maximum concrete respect to my good friend Dj Dutty Alpha the guy is a don!!!


You like to help up and coming artists. What new Mc's are doing it for you right now?

Yes definitely I always try and help up & coming artists if they have the talent ?? New mcs that are doin it for me....there's quitet a few tbh but I will mention the likes of Mc Manek Mc Bradz, Mr Kid, Kombo Grima, Swifta.... the list can go on and Free Flyin Squads Jam 1, that guy is a problem on the mic.


What gigs can we catch you at in the next few months?

I'll be at loads of gigs over the next few months!! Just keep a check on my Facebook / Insta or Twitter accounts to keep in tune with wats goin on Look out for Summer Convention 4th July in Birmingham - the biggest open air event to hit Birmingham in years. Also catch me at Summer Gathering later on that same month 24 & 25th as that will be another huuge event not to be missed!!!


What are your goals for the next 5 years?

My goals I don't really like to try and predict my future as you never know in life itself but I will say this!! IM IN DRUM N BASS! AND IM HERE TO STAY leaders of the newskool init we are the future whooshhh, take care all see ya and I wouldn't wanna be yaa Thanks for your time!

Interview by Missrepresent

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