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BassCake - Ladies Of DNB Interview Hailing from Europe, we take a few questions to this popular lady.


First off, how did you get your DJ name? 

Well I dunno ive always been very girly and ive always liked BASS, ever since I knew what it was. Basically my name was just spontaneously born from the juxtaposition of my lifelong passion’s, key word to the delicate sweetness conjured up in my mind by cupcakes, sweets, dainty and girly.


How did your music career start?

It just happened. Ive always been a huge fan of electronic music. I first started listening to Balaeric Trance when I was about 7 years old, together with other genres of music. My friends and I certainly didn’t grow up listening to the usual pop songs, ok maybe just a few hehehe. I remember I first heard Goldie’s ‘Inner City Lights”, I even remember where I heard it. It was like a strong immediate connection, I was like this is my thing, this is my jam, what is this music?!?! That’s how it all started, I like other genres too, I love my metal, reggae, hip hop etc but its just this thing I have for Drum and Bass, its called Love and Passion.


You are based in Gibraltar. Can you explain to people who aren’t great with geography where that is in the world?

Okay so here goes, Gibraltar also known as the Rock Of Gibraltar is a British Colony.... Which is geographically located in the Southern Most tip of Spain. English is my first language, but I speak Spanish fluently, main reason being that we have Spain right next door. We use the same education system as in the UK and a lots of stuff is very similar to UK. I would like to add that Gibraltarian's are often called Spanish. It's actually quite offensive and insulting for us as there have always been political issues between Spain and Gibraltar... This goes back a long way, but I don't want to bore you with a history lesson... Gibraltar is a multi cultural place and preserves a lot of history and heritage, It's quite an little place interesting so have a little read if u want to know more about Gibraltar :)


You are Gibraltar’s first female DNB DJ. Who inspires you and why?

I am Gibraltar's first female DJ in general to my knowledge, So yeah, I am Gibraltar's First Drum and Bass Dj too hehe. There are many artists who inspire me, but my love for drum and bass has to be that thing which inspires me the most, defo! I have always had a strong passion for music, ever since I was very young. I've always loved listening to music... I grew up around singing, guitars and lots of video cameras! I then started going to festivals and lots of free parties.The amazing feeling I got every time I went to a rave or festival was immense. To be honest, id always say to myself I'd love to be up there and experience what the dj is experiencing, but I have always been very shy. As I was growing, my passion for music became even stronger and I knew that I had to learn how to mix at some point in my life. I feel that this just came about naturally.


Do you find the ratio of men to women in DNB good or bad?

In general, you do tend to see more males in the DNB Scene, but this doesn’t mean that women aren’t involved. There are lots of female Producers and Dj’s out there. It doesn’t matter what sex you are, be it male or female, it's all about the love for drum and bass! However I do believe that there are lots more women who being heard of now and I love this!


What was your first DJ set up, and what are you mixing on now?

Hahaha when I was about 10 I begged my parents for a mixer and a CD pitch so I would spend hours playing around as a kid. I've always played around friends, local parties etc. My parents then bought me a pair of numark direct drive turntables when I was 18. Right now I still own my numark turntables and I've got my Traktor s4 controller, which was another present. I love playing around with hot cues and doing mashups but I also play on cdjs. If I gave you £1000 what would you spend it on? Definitely a pair of cdjs without a doubt, I'm a student again you see lol


You have played at some big festivals this summer, can you tell us how that came about?

To be honest, I was shocked when I was asked to play, as I had only recently started mixing again so everything was very overwhelming and exciting. I've always loved drum and bass, ever since I heard my first dnb tune. I basically got approached by festival promoters in Gibraltar as they had heard some of my sets on mixcloud and soundcloud and had seen me in the press etc.


You appeared on TV, was that in Gibraltar and what TV show?

Yeah, this was in Gibraltar and it was on the local tv channel GBC. There is a program called The Hub and every week they invite special guests or interview a well known local lol. So I basically got a slot on "spill the beans" and that's precisely what I did :P. Gibraltar's a small community so there is a lot of support from locals with regards to music, art, dance etc.


You are recording a guest mix for the Lab Sessions in Brazil. When is that dropping?

The lab sessions set was already played on Drum and Bass Brazil Radio, but you can listen to it on my Mixcloud… Heres the link!


Who are your favourite producers and why?

It's really really hard to give you a list of my fave producers as I could be here forever and I am a huge drum and bass lover. I'll say a few names, mainly the ones I'm most feeling atm. Cern - loooove his deep serious drum and bass vibes! Always on point. Klax... Just love them! Blackball is one of my fave tunes ever! I always play it in my sets. Villem & Mcleod... They're just incredible! They have it all! Their production is elegant, uplifting, soulful...!Vibes! And I love how they mix too, their podcasts are amazing! Ivy Lab.. Those three as individuals are amazing producers, when they get together, it's just a totally different story. Pure class... The perfect liquid trio! really feeling their music atm! Tephra & Arkoze... If I could produce, I promise this is the stuff that I would love to do... I looooove deep vibes and these guys production is serious and deep! Calyx & Teebee, I have been listening to their music for more than ten years and I dare to say that their quality is just amazing. They are still here, playing the biggest festivals ever, releasing number one singles all the time. I describe their production as simple and effective which is what drum and bass is all about! They're really nice guys too! I love them <3 Gerra & Stone... Those guys are so talented! That track too deep is one of my fave tracks ever. Wooooiiieee! DLR... This guy right here, I have so much respect for him... I think I dont dislike any of his tracks... His production is simply perfect. He is my favourite atm together with Kyrist. Kyrist.. sooo much love and respect for this lady. Her production sounds amazing! She is really one of my faves atm, shes VERY talented. All her tunes are pure vibes and her style is what I truly love! Hydro He is pure Class! End of! Trieste one of my fave tracks too! Alix Perez He basically does whatever he wants, his production sounds so clean! And his liquid vibes are just pure perfection <3 Noisia who doesn't like Noisia???? Break... Them drums Rolls... love those vocals... I could go on forever!


Do you have a favourite DJ that inspires you?

I have many djs who inspire me but I have to admit Calyx & Teebee are one of my faves and the ones that inspire me a lot! I really have a LOT of respect for Adi J too!


You have a HND in Law, congrats! Do you find any of your law friends like DNB?

Hahaha not my UNI law friends... I'm now doing a BSc in Adult Nursing... Some like it :)


What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to mix, listen to music, spend time with my dogs, I HAVE to study and read for my degree, skate, snowboard in the winter :)


Top 10 tunes at the moment?

This is a very hard question!! Haha Top ten tracks Example- all the wrong places ( Calyx & Teebee remix) Ram Records D Bridge- True Romance (Metalheadz) Gerra & Stone- Too Deep (Dispatch Recordings) DLR- Django (Dispatch Recordings) Pendulum- Still Grey (Timeless Recordings) Spor- 103 Degrees (Lifted Music) Rockwell- Detroit (Shogun Audio) Klax- Blackball (Critical Music) Ivy Lab & Emperor- Pepper (Critical Music) Kyrist- The Resolve (Nurtured Beatz) What gigs have you coming up for the end of 2015? I've got lots of surprises and gigs coming up.... Stayed tuned!


What are your goals for the future?

To be honest id love to continue playing. I am a huge drum and bass lover and this will never fade. I hope to continue to be able to expand my travels and play in other countries…. Stuff in the pipeline already, but I don’t want to say much! I have already started playing around on Ableton, so you might her some BassCake tunes in the future! ☺


Any shouts and thanks?

Shout out to all my fam, mates, everyone at Dispatch Recordings... Got so much love for this label! My man Mr Lethalness,Calyx & Teebee Villem & McLeod, Kyrist, Kisscut, Laydee Virus and StellaBase (Tracy), and to any one and everyone who has supported me and continues to do so! Love you all! <3

Instagram: basscakednb Twitter: @BassCake_DNB  

Interview by Aliina Atkinson ( Missrepresent ) as part of the Ladies Of DNB Series.