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Euphonique is a lady certainly reppin' hard for Manchester. From running ladies nights, promoting is one string to her bow as she is the owner of Sub-Woofah Records. Her most recent productions "Run" shows she isn't messing about, and most recently nominated as Best Female DJ at the awards - we stopped by for an interview on this hard working lady.


Euphonique! It's been a little while but you're still working hard I see! What's happening in 2015 so far? Hey! It has :) I sometimes feel like I never stop haha. 2015 has been busy - the events have taken a back seat as I've been concentrating mainly on the label, production and teaching, but they are back this June for the 6th birthday! Very excited about a big birthday remix LP I've been pulling together for the label but more about that later...


Hailing from Manchester, what is your favourite club? This is a hard one! Over the years so many have come and gone for one reason or another. I had a lot of love for the Attic, Dry Live and Roadhouse which housed our events for a while (RIP). There are just too many to choose from to be honest - Soundcontrol is doing big things for Manchester but I love playing places like Underdog, Joshua Brookes and Factory too.


You started off in 2006. Was it vinyl or CDJs? I started off on both really, I bought CDJs when I was quite young as a bedroom DJ but used turntables at any raves I played or mate's houses. I bought my own Technics and a load of jungle vinyl probably a year or two after when I was getting serious about DJing!


I loved the Epicentre - Chat remix you did. Jungle runs deep in you, how did that remix come about? Epicentre was the first artist we released on the label and is a good friend, he sent me the track as a dub originally and I loved dropping it so he offered to send me the stems to do a remix, I snapped it up of course so we thought we'd release the pair as an EP on the label!

You joined Unity Radio in 2009, Rood FM in 2014, and do Shotta TV and DNB Radio. Which ones are you still doing and which one are you most fond of? Unity Radio was a great portal into radio (besides university) and gave me some amazing opportunities to meet, work with and interview industry folk as well as get training with some of the best. Rood is doing big things for a relatively new station and I intend to do much more work with them in the future, the same as Shotta TV - the guys at Shotta are legends and have some big ideas so we'll definitely be doing future shows with them.Right now I'm doing a weekly show on DnBRadio every Thursday, this has probably been the most enjoyable show as I'm able to do it from my home studio and really engage with the listeners in the chatroom - DnBRadio has a long running reputation and I'm really proud to be involved with such a great group of people and great group of dedicated listeners. Plus, there's so much banter in the chatroom!


You have learnt instruments growing up, which ones and did you do any grades? I started a grade in drumming years ago, but being a student at the time I never finished it! I still have a bash at live beats now and again and my students have recorded a few for their projects. I played keyboard throughout school, which linked in nicely with production and I have been learning some guitar but I'm still trying to find the time to fit it in to be honest.

Your music appeared on Hollyoaks! I bet that was exciting, how did that come about? It's a really funny story to be honest... I was sat at home back in 2010/11 with my partner at the time (yes watching Hollyoaks don't judge me!) and all of a sudden he said 'isn't that your tune?!' I turned it up and it was! I had to watch it back on 4od to make sure! My music has since been used on other TV programmes since but that's the first time I'd heard it, it was a little surreal. I've worked with a couple of publishers who submitted my music to pools to be used by TV and film and am a member of the PRS and PPL so receive royalties that way - I'm lucky to have family members in that side of the industry so they got me on to signing up to that pretty early.



What up and coming artists are doing it for you right now? There is so many! There are the artists on the label including Epicentre and Junglord who are just making some incredible jungle right now. Hybrid, Jungle Citizens and K Jah are making some wicked music and really getting out there - definitely ones to watch. I've also recently signed a 17 year old called 'Motiv' from Carlisle who is making some wicked beats so excited so get him out there too.


Fields, Festivals or Clubs? I've played some amazing festivals and am very keen to do more, but I started on the rave scene so fields (or dingy caves and warehouses) will always be my favourite I think! These days I've moved away from that and am playing mainly clubs but they will always have a special place in my heart.


What countries have you visited to play and which was your favourite? I've been to Serbia, Barcelona, France and Finland plus all over the UK. The clubs and crowd were all so different... the coolest club was probably Mama Mandawa - an Alice in Wonderland themed club in Barcelona, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing a boat party in the middle of a very cold Serbia! I loved Finland and the standard of talent there was amazing, but can't forget playing to a load of crazy French people dressed up for Halloween in Limoges, France too. The people I met who ran the nights and their friends were beautiful in each country; have to say a big shout to all of them - some of which I definitely need to link up with again!


Do you like MCs on your sets with quite heavy vocal laden jungle tracks. There are some great MCs out there - the best ones are those who enhance a DJ set; I love working with the likes of Logic or Kuntri Ranks live and think Fox is a great MC too - they really perform with the DJs not over the DJs and have a really good flow. In terms of production, I play a lot of vocal tunes, plenty of Top Cat, Tenor Fly and Barrington Levy style singing and bouncy bars! I've been working on a few vocals remixes myself recently - one of which is forthcoming on NBAudio with Fox.


What are your thoughts about the male to female ratio in the EDM scenes? The female to male ratio in dance music has always been biased to males, but there are more and more ladies in the dance music scene recently, like B Traits and Annie Mac, really showing the guys what we can do. In Jungle you have the likes of Dazee and Rap djing, smashing out tunes and running labels, it just take a lot of work for talented ladies to show their worth in a male dominated scene - just like any male dominated career. Working on bettering production, DJing and even radio and business skills help to make a bigger impact in the dance music scene, especially these days with everyone being a DJ!


What gigs are you looking forward to this summer? There are a few festivals I am waiting on confirmation from which will be brill, plus we have a few gems in the work for Sub-Woofah and are bringing some top artists over. The one I'm most looking forward to is the Sub-Woofah 6th Birthday late June, the venue will be announced this week followed by the (weighty) line up - people can keep an ear out for cheap early bird tickets on the Sub-Woofah Facebook Page.


Can you give us some insights into this forthcoming LP on your label? Well, I've gathered some wicked producers together for a very special remix EP out in June, celebrating 6 years since the first ever Sub-Woofah event and 2 years since the launch of the label. There are some very big names in Jungle and DnB on board and I'm really excited to get this out - all of us are busy getting out remixes finished so I'll be announcing it soon, this is a bit of exclusive news so I can't reveal too much right now!!

Any shouts and thanks? A big shout to the Sub-Woofah crew and everyone supporting the current release from Hardline, big up to the DnBRadio lot, my partners in crime (they know who they are) and anyone who got involved in the We Love Jungle Awards - supporting the scene. Also a big thanks to yourself of course for the interview, and all those lady DJs repping hard for the junglist sisters! Euphonique Soundcloud Euphonique Website Euphonique Twitter Euphonique Youtube  


    Interview by Missrepresent for the Ladies Of DNB Series.