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Kezz Soulculture

As part of our second "Ladies Of DNB" interviews, we catch up with one half of Soulculture, Kerry, for a quick chat.

Thanks for taking the time out Kerry. Can you give me little info on how you got into drum and bass and when?

I got Into drum and bass when I was about 13 I think. Loads of my older mates were into it and I loved it straight away. Then once I started going to places like The Sanctuary and Bagleys - I was completely hooked.

Luton is your hometown. What is your favourite club there?

There's a club in Luton called Diamond Club. We've played there loads of times and it's got a wicked vibe.


Signed to Playaz, Chronic, Viper and Innerground, is there a label you would like a release on or are you content?

It's a massive achievement for us to even have music signed to those labels. I think to get something on Ram would probably be an awesome feeling.


You sound deeply inspired by all styles, Tech, Liquid, Jungle and Jump Up. Do you have a favourite?

I really don't. I love drum and bass and jungle as a whole. I hate the whole sub genre snobbery.


Being a woman in a male dominated scene, has it affected you or are you not bothered about the gender ratio?

It doesn't really affect me to be honest because there is 2 of us. Scott's male so I don't think we are ever looked at like that.


Do you have a favourite female artist that you look up to or have as a role model?

Storm has always been a role model for me. She has supported lots of our music and she is one of the nicest people. She's achieved so much but she is so humble and I respect that massively.


What DJ overall inspires you?

My favourite DJ is Andy C. No one gets me more hyped than Andy and I love the fact that he plays everything.


Which producers would you most like to collab with and why?

I think the producers who I'm really feeling at the moment are Voltage, Upgrade and T>I. We just released a collab with T>I on Heist's label calypso.



With 2 of you in the studio, do either of you have strong points or is it pretty equal?

We normally work on tracks alone and then when we have got so far with them we'll send them over to each other to get them finished. We are pretty equal to be honest.


What DAW are you on?

Good old Cubase.


What are your favourite VSTs in the studio?

I love Serum at the moment. Massive is always a favourite too, then we use the fab filter stuff a lot.


Tea or Coffee in the studio?



What tracks are you working on now?

At the moment we are working on an EP for Low Down Deep with our good mate NC-17.


Where are you playing out in the near future?

You can catch us in Diamond Club Luton this Saturday with Delta Heavy and Blackley.


What has been your most memorable gig?

I would have to say Bestival.


What other projects have you got in the pipeline for the near future?

We have been working on an album for Billy Bunters label music Mondays which we have made tracks with mc spyda and David boomah among others.


Why do you think there is a lack of female producers in our scene?

I don't really know. I think maybe it's just viewed as so male orientated that it puts females off.


Any shout outs?

Just a shout to everyone doing there thing and keepin it real. Big love ✌

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Interview by Missrepresent as Part Of The Ladies Of DNB series.