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Lady V Dubz

Lady V Dubz, part of the Biological Beats camp, started off with a House and Garage background. Hailing from London she learnt the basics and didn't look back. We took some time out to ask this busy lady what's happening in her world right now....


Thanks for your time out! You're from South London. What's your favourite club in your postcode?

I have to say my favourite venue at the moment has to be Building 6 at the O2 in Greenwich or more recently the Great Suffolk Street Warehouse. I used to love Hidden when it was open to Drum and Bass. It was home to DEF:INITION events which were (and still are) full of vibes and not forgetting where Young Guns made it's debut.


You started off with vinyl but you're mixing MP3's now. How did you find the switch and are you happy that vinyl sales are making a come back?

I was always really precious about vinyl and I never liked the transition from vinyl to CD's so I took my sweet time to make the switch. It was obviously the sensible option because when I first started out I didn't even have a driving license and vinyl wasn't the most convenient of options when you're getting on busses and trains. Since the USB era kicked off though, I've come to terms with the technology a bit more now and absolutely love it. I noticed that mixing became easier using USB and CD's so I challenge myself with 3 or 4 decks. CD's weren't and still aren't the best for this sort of thing due to how long they take to load or if they're scratched and messed up from the last sweaty rave you played at, you're in trouble lol. USB's load much quicker and allow more time for fun and experimentation. I'm very happy to hear that vinyl sale's are making a come back. I still have my 1210's set up at home and would never sell my collection :)


You and Fatman D work quite closely now. How did you meet? 

I used to do radio from home. Started off on PlanetDnB and then Aftershock :) I used to get a few people round as guests from the area. I was already working with Lady Blazer and other female artists at the time as we were pushing 'Feminine Takeover' and then we started to discover that there was lots of very talented people from South East London such as Boxer and Mekar who are also part of Bio. Fatman's from the ends as well and I met him at a party somewhere. There was always a set of turntables and a mic at these parties and everyone was just doing their thing. Fatman hit me up a few days later on Aim with a load of beats. He called me and asked if I wanted to be part of Biological Beats which was in it's first couple years at this stage. It was already a successful label but this was a new concept that Fatman wanted to bring to support the up and coming talent of the scene.


Biological Beats. Can you tell me some artists on the camp?

I can tell you all the artists :) DJ and producer wise, you have DJ Limited, Klip & Outlaw, Hizzleguy, Dominator, Flat T, Telekom, Premium, Puppetz and Vacuum. MC wise we have Fatman D, Mekar, Boxer, Impact, Kuedon, Danja, Double O, Jae Tuns, AC and Jaydee. In fact, Mekar also produces. We're celebrating 10 years of Biological Beats and Its Young Guns 3rd Birthday so there's lots coming from the camp this year. The music that some of the producers are making in the team is some of the best tracks you'll hear in a rave. So much talent production wise and I only expect it to continue to blow. We've had releases from DJ Limited at the start of the year which was the second instalment of 'The Beginning EP', we had an EP release from Vacuum a producer from Luxembourg entitled 'Back Again' in March and the latest album release from Flat T called 'The Pilgrimage'. We've got lots to come from Telekom, Klip & Outlaw, Hizzleguy and Premium so watch this space. Check out WWW.BIOLOGICALBEATS.COM for all the latest info.


Production wise, what are you up to now?

Well, I'm still learning. I'm currently trying to work my way around Logic. I've been in the studio with Jayline and I've been trying to pick up some tips. Long way to go yet but I'm determined so hopefully it wont be long till you hear something from me.


You mainly play jump up. What new artists are doing it for you right now?

There are far too many to mention all of them but right now, all the producers from Biological Beats are doing it for me. Limited is definitely one to watch and has been causing a stir in the scene. His brother Upgrade is equally as talented. Hizzleguy has his own unique sound too that I've been repping a lot in the dance. Klip & Outlaw have been making them bangers too! More coming from them this year. I've always loved Jayline's sound and it's been great to watch him grow from his first release to where he is now. Voltage is another one. Loved seeing how he's progressed over the years. Turno, Dominator, Flat T, Telekom, Premium, Annix, Serum, Freek and although not new to the scene DJ Pleasure, Heist, Majistrate, Sub Zero and the master Hazard all at some stage end up in my sets. If I play events which are less MC friendly, I like to chuck a bit of everything in. Love artists like Icicle, Alix Perez, Lenzman, Break, Dorian and even some Jungle :) There are so many great new artists out there at the moment and amazing music. There appears to be a fair amount of younger producers coming through the ranks. I think it's probably because they're taught how to use technology as a standard at school now days so people are more familiar with how to work software and obviously have a great ear for D'n'B :) It just seems to have picked up a lot in the last couple years. I actually got worried at one stage when the digital era first kicked off. There seemed to be an influx of really poorly produced music for sale and it felt to me that it was because it was so cheap to put it out. It's definitely picked up though and I absolutely love the direction D'n'B is going in production wise right now.


I always bounce off your fun lively twitter posts. I hardly see you vexed. What does annoy you?

Hahaha! I hear that a lot. I do have my days where I'm not happy and positive. I am human after all, but I tend to live by the rules that happiness and positivity breed more happiness and positivity. I really believe that making sure you do all things that make you feel good is the key to a happy and successful future. If something's having a negative affect on your energy then it's time for something to change to reverse that negativity. Following your dreams is highly recommended :) Nothing beats that feeling you get when you're doing something that you have a passion for.


You recently tweeted about housework, good lass! Question is, are you a wearer of marigolds?

Hahaha! No, I'm hard core. Hands go straight in that sink washing up.


What puts you off the most when you're mixing? I

'd have to say one of the things that has put me off in the past is when a sound engineer is fiddling around with stuff and getting in your way when you're trying to mix lol. Another thing is when somebody's trying to have a full blown conversation with you when you're in the mix haha! It is off putting but can also be quite funny :) You know what ravers can be like when they're hyped up! I can never hear a word they're saying half the time coz my headphones are on but I just smile and carry on mixing lol. Love that though :) Ravers enjoying what I'm enjoying when I play. It's what it's all about!


What has been your most memorable gig?

One of the most memorable gigs for me was performing at Sundance Festival in Forest Farm alongside Grima and Enamie back in June 2013. It was my first real festival experience with a proper production stage and my name up in lights behind me. Absolute cracker of a memory. The crowd were so lively and I'll never forget it! There have been so many more that I've enjoyed too. Main stage at Coronet for Nicky Blackmarket & Fatman D's birthday bash 2013, events I've played at alongside Macpherson which ranged from a massive NYE party at Cafe 1001 to playing at Imperial College Summer Ball and this year we've launched Bass People and will be performing at Lubstock Festival. Playing over in Belgium is always a treat. They absolutely love the new D'n'B sound over there and are so hyped! I'll never forget my Ibiza experiences with Sunbeatz either. How could you possibly forget about that Island :) So many more though. I love DJin everywhere and anywhere - any excuse to get on the decks really so I'd be here all day if I listed them all :)


What's coming up this summer that you're hyped for?

I'm always hyped for summer. With summer comes summer happiness and everyone seems to unite more. Really looking forwards to going to Belgium with the Bio crew as part of the 10 Years tour and I'm looking forwards to Lubstock Festival. I love festival season. Definitely looking forward to Sunbeatz. Wicked end to the holiday season.


Which up and coming Mc's are you really diggin' right now?

I'm loving a lot of the female talent out there at the moment. Lady Blazer, Starz, Miss Melody, Enamie, Kiss. They're all smashing it at the moment. I'm feeling all of the MC's in Bio. They all bring something different to the table from Boxers Ragga style to Jae Tuns and Jaydee's double time, there's an MC to suit everyone in the camp I reckon. Mekar has always been somebody I highly rate but since I've got to know him and worked with him more, I realise just how talented he is. Boxer always makes me wanna sing along. I swear I know all his lyrics! The way the crowd react to his hooks is wicked to watch! Impact has always been a favourite of mine. He is so unique and I love his style! He's worked with Kuedon a lot and they make a wicked combo. Danja and Double O. Love the combo! These two are like my road trip buddies! We've had some mad road trips believe me. They both work so hard and I love working with them. AC's another one who's working hard as well. You'll see a lot from him this year. Outside of Bio I'm really rating Azza and Grima. The work rate from these two is immense and they're working the scene hard. So many good up and coming MC's out there right now.


Bass People, can you tell us about that concept and how it came about?

Bass People is something that I'm working on with Macpherson and at the moment it's a monthly event that takes place at 1001 in Brick Lane. The next event is the 5th of June and hopefully we'll be linking with Rough Tempo and bringing you something different. The concept around it is about representing new Drum and Bass being delivered by some of the best DJ's to a friendly crowd. It's about having fun and leaving the attitude at home. There'll be lots more from Bass People this year so keep an eye on the page


What projects do you have in the pipeline?

I've got a couple of mixes coming out and I'm definitely going to be recording an Old Skool H'n'G mix too. I'll be working closely with Fatman, Klip, Outlaw and the rest of the Bio team for all things Bio and will be organising another 'GTA - Feminine Takeover Show' on Rough Tempo in the not too distant future with the girls. I'll just generally be looking to have fun and continue to enjoy watching Drum and Bass continue to thrive!


You have a regular show on Rough Tempo. How long has that been now and what time can we catch you?

I've been a Rough Tempo resident for about 4 years now. It's such a pleasure to be a part of it. Scoundrel, Jon James and the crew have worked so hard to make Rough Tempo what it is and it's wicked to also see how much has been invested into the studio. One thing I always used to dread with some pirate stations back in the day before the internet era, was what equipment they would, or wouldn't have haha. One thing you can guarantee is that you will always have an absolute ball in the Rough Tempo studio with the set up in there. Love it :) I have a show every other Thursday 21:00-23:00. Keep an eye on the fan page, group, Twitter etc for further details on when and who will be passing through.


What are you drinking at the bar?

Normally JD and Coke but I'm also partial to a Vodka and Redbull. More than likely just a Redbull now days though :) Getting old!


Fields, Festivals or Clubs?

I'd love to say that I was attending all of them but unfortunately it's not possible. Would have loved to have gone Glasto but I was too late! Boomtown is great though. I'd love to go again. Ibiza is the one though! Sunbeatz couldn't come sooner!


Which female artist would you like me to interview next?

I'd have to list a few as there are so many ladies out there doing their thing. Soulculture, i-Candy, Ill Gill, Lady Blazer, Starz, Kiss, Miss Melody, Enamie, Teflon. I know I've blatantly forgotten to mention some too but there are literally so many more female's out there now and it's really good :)


Any shouts and thanks?

Massive thanks to EVERYONE who has supported me from the beginning until now. Special mention to Fatman D and my Biological Beats family, Macpherson, Jayline, Bridge and Inter and the DEF:INITION/Breakin Science family, Sunbeatz family, Scoundrel and the Rough Tempo family, ALL the Feminine Takeover GTA girls (waaay to many to mention them all again haha!), Eastman, Suzie G, Brockie and the whole Kool London family. And last but definitely not least, MASSIVE shout outs to every single raver, listener and supporter that's been representing. I should have just said the Drum and Bass family haha :)  

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Interview by Missrepresent as part of the Ladies of DnB Series.