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As part of our "Ladies Of DNB" series, we have DJ Rap talking about her legendary labels, Propa and Impropa Talent, and to get a glimpse as to what she is up to now. Thanks for taking the time out for DNB Muzik. 

Starting off, your label Propa Talent has been around a long time now. Can you give a little background to how and when it started?

It’s been around, over 20 years now. I started it because I was fed up with selling 80,000 records every release, and not getting paid. Nothing motivates like revenge. lol.


Impropa Talent, the sister label, a newer idea, what is the output on there?

It’s for my doppleganger, the 'house' side of me. I like to create music - all genres interest me.  


I recently read on your facebook you had decided to retire from DJ-ing, was this so you could spend more time on your labels?

I just can't be on a plane every weekend, so I am limiting it to a couple of tours a year. I love teaching Ableton and acting, as well as production and I wanted to spend more time at home. It’s about quality not quantity for me.  


What has been your favourite release on Propa and Impropa so far?

Hard to say. I like all the material I put out – 'Search your soul' (Out now) on PROPA and 'Understand Me' on Impropa Talent.  


Working with you is an absolute pleasure, and an honour remixing your tracks. Are you sometimes wary of letting up and coming producers touch your music?

Thank you....I only allow remixes from very few. I have my reasons but mainly I want it to be remembered as it was. Not everything needs to be remixed to death. I am rather picky about this.....  


You love to put out multi genre remixes, which I love. Do you think this widens the field for promotions or do you just to it because you love all kinds of music?

All of the above I feel - and is why I am still standing after 20 years in the biz.  


The internet has changed the way we promote and market music. Do you still put out vinyl or is it strictly digital?

At this point, Digital. You can not fight the advancement of technology. We are fighting the attitude that everyone feels entitled to free music.


Managing as many artists as you do on your label, is there one that stands out for you at the moment?

My artistes on my label, all the remixers are awesome..... OYS LPSOUND, ED (he is awesome), Killin Time, Outsource. Eat Rave's Future Jungle /aka Deadman is also killing it out there.  


You have had some very beautiful music videos done recently for your label. Do you enjoy the video process or is it something you do to help the promotions?

I love to be involved in every side of the biz, I really enjoy it! It's my vision, so I should be in front of it.  


The label has a huge worldwide following. Do you have any interesting fan stories?

None I can print. LOL  


What is up next for the labels?

Plenty of good music coming.... releases on Propa Talent. 'Search Your Soul' was just released and that has been a big one for us..... Touring later in the year, 6 movies coming out, and I am hitting the studio hard. I’m loving my new drum and bass sound,it never gets old.  


Any shout outs?

Yes to all those that support and love music and are open minded. I do it for you.  


Many thanks for your time!

Luv'N'Bass  Rap  

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Interview by Missrepresent as part of the "Ladies Of DNB" series for DNB Muzik.